Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A Farewell

My most inspirational blogger has passed away. That's Pam in her wheelchair in a trip to the ocean in August 2008. She had battled long and hard with ALS for years, but there weren't too many blogs entries in Mind Trips after that posting in which she described having a wonderful time and not being self conscious about her infirmities.

"I discovered that I was not embarrassed at having to be fed out in public ... but my friends made it all seem very natural so I was quite relaxed and just went with the flow. And I didn't feel too terribly self-conscious when tourists stared at me as I was efficiently maneuvered in and out of the van ... My lungs even cooperated and remained strong enough for me to be out of the hotel and away from breathing assistance for long stretches of time. I think it was all that beautiful sea air!"

She did wish us a Merry Christmas that December (2008), but only posted twice after that to let us know, both times, that in her words she was "Still Standing."

As the following picture demonstrates, Pam was a great artist, and even though she had to change her methods due to her illness, she still produced inspired and uplifting work.

And who among us, her blog friends, could fail to be inspired by her attitude and words, such as these?

"This past June marked the end of my fourth year with ALS and I am celebrating. Celebrating because I am beating the odds as I move into my fifth year. I am celebrating because this weekend is my 66th birthday and I am still alive, still squeezing everything that I possibly can out of each day. I am celebrating the joy of family and as I watch my grandchildren grow and blossom I am happy that they never shy away from my illness but continue to share their lives with me."

Let me close this weak tribute to a courageous person with her own artwork and verse in a post she titled In Dreams (May 19 2008).

I had a wonderful dream last night
It filtered through my sleep
Subconscious thoughts made all things right
A dream I'd like to keep

In my twilight world I was held no more
By bonds of chairs and wheels
I moved with freedom along the shore
Blue ocean at my heels

Salt stung wind blew through damp hair
My arms swung light and free
The fragrant tang of moist sea air
Caressed and lifted me

With morning sun my dream was spent
No longer what it seemed
But I know where my vision went
It's there within sweet dreams


Goodbye Pam. You and your Mind Trips were inspirational.


Diana said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend, Pam, AC. Her artwork was very beautiful as was her outlook on life. We can only hope to have that sort of spirit. I am sure she is in a beautiful place. Love Di ♥

Ruth said...

I remember reading a couple of Pam's posts when I started blogging but then I lost track of her. I admire the courage and positive outlook of people like her. It gives us a better perspective of what is really important in life. My condolences go out to those who are close to her.

Bernie said...

Sorry about the loss of your friend A/C, may you find comfort in knowing she is no longer in pain or dependent on others to survive each day.....:-) Hugs

Lorna said...

A lovely tribute to a beautiful life.

Cathy said...


Some things can never be explained.

Thank you for notifying me.

Your tribute is lovely.

What a great kindness.

Pam is smiling.

Cathy said...

AC, a little more closure. Here is her obituary:

Amanda said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this A/C. My prayers and thoughts are to Pam's family and friends at this difficult time.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Oh, how very sad. Some people's paths are so very hard.

Doris said...

A lovely tribute to a woman of great strength despite her disease. Thanks for the links. I enjoyed her art and thoughts.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

A lovely tribute. I so admire people who remain postive while living with difficult conditions. I am a bit of a cynic and often speak negatively about everyday life. I must really try harder to seem the part of the glass half full.

Ginnie said...

I am heartbroken, AC. Pam and I actually emailed each other as well as enjoyed each other's blogs. She was my hero, as you indicated also.
I have been down in Florida visiting my sick sister and have gotten behind on my blog visiting so this has come as quite a shock. Bless you for your fine rememberances of our dear friend.

Laurie said...

Pam allowed me to use some of her artwork in my graphic design. She was a remarkable artist and never let her illness take that from her. She was an amazing woman, so strong, so loving, so good. Your tribute to her was lovely, absolutely beautiful.

Maureen said...

Your tribute to Pam is not a weak or light tribute, AC ... it's strong and deep and very beautiful. Thank you for your words. I miss Pam, and your words make my heart ache a little less.