Saturday, April 03, 2010

Living and Learning

Before the onset of winter, Nikki Dee didn't know how to make this swing go by herself. Now she does. She hasn't got the hang of the other kind of swing yet, but all in good time.

Also, she couldn't manage to make the trike go last autumn, but now it's no problem at all.

Maybe she'll soon be able to teach grampa to tie his shoes.


Stickhorsecowgirls said...

So very cute. I never tire of seeing learning in action. Of course, I don't believe learning ever stops, but the young just DISPLAY it so well! Thanks for sharing. C

Diana said...

It is truly amazing how much the little ones learn in the first few years of life. Truly amazing!
Love Di ♥

Donna said...

Oh goodness...Is that a prom dress in see in the near future as well?? Growing up so Fast...

(and I'll have you know I was an A student in the 4th grade...well, in the old timey days at least...These days, I'd probably pull in C's..Hahaaa...geez!)

Question: You're a teacher...How have things changed from when You taught and today? (Your early years, and nowadays...not just the lessons but the Teachers)?

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I see the Prom dress too and maybe a wedding dress. Oh well guess I better slow down I will have you boohooing in a minute. She is moving on though for sure.

Bernie said...

Maybe it is time to look for a good hiding place for your car keys A/C........I can't believe how far she has come along this past year, enjoy Jboy as they just grow up to fast.....:-) Hugs

PipeTobacco said...


Thank you for posting a comment on my site about my walking. Actually, I live in Northern Michigan, so we get some very cold winters. But, that was part of the reason for me to start the walking journey... to better acclimate myself to the cold of winter.