Monday, April 12, 2010

Exposure and Perplexity

It was a week and a half ago that I posted photos of crocuses at my daughter's house. They have been wilting for over a week now although a few still show a bit of color in the foreground of this picture.

Meanwhile, her daffodils are blooming beautifully, spreading their own sunshine.

On the other hand, my crocuses have yet to open in this their first year. While a few have shown a bit of color, most look as though they won't bloom at all this year.

While I'm not sure of all the possible reasons, one thing I do know is the Thesha's flowers enjoy a fine southern exposure while mine receive some morning sun. It makes a difference.

Proper exposure is good for plants. For kids too. A little object lesson there.

On another note, I'd like to point out the three larger spring plant behind the tree. When I bought bulbs last fall, I vaguely recall purchasing and planting three more expensive ones in addition to the crocuses and daffodils. Now, I can't remember what they are, and apparently I didn't keep the package. Now among other traits, such as dimwittedness, I'm perplexed.


Donna said...

I Like, Perplexed...Gives one an aire of class...Hahaaa

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

The absentminded professorial air becomes you, AC.

Those look like tulip leaves to me back there...or possibly hyacinths? But I'm thinking "tall tulips" really. They can be quite spendy.

Barry said...

Our crocus have only opened this week for this first time. But what a wonderful sign of spring that is!

Marinela Reka said...

Enjoy this beautiful spring time :)
You have really nice blog, I like it very much xx

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Mara said...

Ok, did I miss something? Because even after I cleaned my glasses (which was needed) I couldn't see a tree in any of the photos. A bit perplexed here myself!

Anonymous said...

Well just another surprise for you. I love surprises. I found some white bells I don't remember ever planting. I am perplexed too.

Diana said...

I can't tell what they are AC but it will be a nice surprise! Love Di ♥

Kila said...

LOL, it'll be a surprise.

Few things are more cheerful than yellow flowers :)

Bernie said...

It will be like Christmas when they bloom......surprise!!!...Hugs

Ruth said...

I like the middle daffodil picture a lot. My daffodils are not out yet but there are plenty blooming around town. Sun exposure can make a quite a difference in the spring.

Lorna said...

Perplexed seems to suit you.