Monday, April 05, 2010

Weekend Doings

After a glorious weekend both in terms of weather and company, we are back to babysitting on a cloudy Easter Monday. Unlike normal Mondays, even Nikki Dee is home as her Daycare school is closed for the holiday.

It was a weekend of maple syrup and other meals for us. First, we met Cuppa's sister and BIL at Wheeler's Pancake House and Sugar Camp on Saturday morning. It's way way out in the country but tons of people found their way on the most beautiful day of the year so far. After visiting the Nature Lover's Bookstore in Lanark, we drove to Perth where we did a walking tour on which BIL took lots of pictures. From there, we headed to Thesha's for a bbq supper.

First thing Sunday morning we headed to Temple's Sugar Camp for a wonderful breakfast of think, yummy French Toast and pancakes abundantly covered with a super blueberry compote. Yum. After walking their trail we headed in to Ottawa, stopping to meander along the River Parkway before driving to the Byward Market. Which was incredibly crowded. There are very many restaurants in The Market, and each was overflowing with people inside and outside on the decks. We ended up at the Heart and Crown for their excellent fish and chips before heading back to Thesha's for dessert.

What with all of the exercise and good food, we were all sleeping soundly when out smoke detector noisily went into action. Twice. It has never malfunctioned in five years but did it twice last night. We checked carefully as we live attached to other townhouses, but all was clear.

This morning, shortly after awaking I was made aware of another malfunction, this time of one of my hearing aids. I find this aggravating, especially because repairs normally cost $300. So, that's the bad news after a fine weekend.


Mara said...

That restaurant looks so friendly and inviting!

Hope your malfunction problems will be a thing of the past.

LadyCat said...

Yum, pancakes with blueberry, sounds wonderful! I'm glad to hear your smoke detector was only a false alarm. Maybe the battery is in need of changing.

Ruth said...

We ate at the Heart and Crown last February and I also enjoyed fish and chips. Your other food descriptions make me hungry too. Hope the hearing aid problem is not as expensive as you expect.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Hope the hearing aid can be fixed thriftily. I do not know why they are so expensive, but likewise down here they are quite spendy to start with and to repair.

Garnetrose said...

Classy looking place. Looks and sounds like you all had a great time. *s*

Bernie said...

Those pancakes look really good A/C, sorry about the smoke detector, I had a night like that not all that long ago....a night from hell....then your hearing aid, well it just wasn't your day.
.........:-) Hugs