Saturday, February 13, 2010


When it comes to the camera, the kids are total opposites. Ninety percent of the time, Nikki Dee will do her best to ignore it. This can be rather irksome.

Zachary, on the other hand, is ready to burst in to smile whenever he sense the presence of one. While we much prefer his reaction, there are times when we would love to get a candid shot but are thwarted. This wasn't one of those times, however.

As I've already posted, neither kid has been terribly well this week, but Zach had a really bad day alone with me yesterday. I could barely put him down without him crying and fussing. It was difficult for both of us. After we left, he lost his supper and had an awful night. I am sorry for the boy but it gives me hope that at least he wasn't just reacting to being alone with me during the day. My night was interesting too; my ear plugged up, so after my whole month of an infected ear in December, I decided to go to emerg right away this time (it had to strike on the Friday of a long weekend). Got there at 1:00 and left at 1:01 after being told that the wait to see a physician would be approximately for hours. Thankfully, it doesn't hurt much; it's just plugged. The kids and I are certainly going round and round with these germs.

Nikki Dee did go to daycarre yesterday and was dessed up really cute for Valentines, so we took some pictures when she got home. Somebody at daycare changed her hair style, but she seemed fine with it. You can see part of her getup below as she munches on her afternoon snack.

Taken at the same time just into the light, these photos are less clear, but I like the effect.


Bernie said...

Great photos I like the not so clear ones as well....smudge's hair looks so cute and so up to date with today's styles.
I do hope your ear is better and that you are feeling well.
Have a great weekend and wishing you and Cuppa a wonderful Happy Valentine's Day.....:-) Hugs

Ginnie said...

Those pictures are just adorable. I love the twinkle in Zach's eyes. Reminds me of his grandpa!!
Happy Valentine's day to you and all your family, AC.

Donna said...

You need to move the WHOLE darn family to the South! It still gets a bit cold here but NOTHING like there!!
Am sending you all HEAT!!Hahaa...
Love the Babies!

Barry said...

It is sad and worrying when children are ill.

I hope your ear feels better soon. Waiting in Emerge can be soul destroying.

Garnetrose said...

My grandaughter is like your grandson She is ready for a camera any time. She loves having her picture taken. I hope the kids get to feeling better.

Diana said...

Hi Ac, I hope everyone starts feeling better soon. I know all to well how that bug just keeps getting passed around and around! Nikki Dee looked so cute for her party and Zach sure does like the camera, you have two adorable grands, I do hope they start feeling better soon and you too of coarse. Love Di

Lorna said...

sorry the Clouds are not well, but they still look good