Saturday, February 27, 2010

Not in Lodi, But Stuck Anyway

Oh my goodness! Yesterday morning, when we opened the garage door to head to the kids' for the day, we were faced with a mountain of snow at the end of the driveway. While it wasn't the quite as high as the mountain shown in these photos, it was mountain enough: a heavy, sticky mountain, may I add. So, we worked on clearing it, semi hurrying in order to not make the kids too late for their jobs, and it wasn't easy for the old folks. By the time we had cleared it and driven across town, I was soaked in sweat and more or less poopdicated for the day, but at least we arrived not too late.

Happily, or so it seemed at the time, there was no mountain in their drive, so we pulled right in, which turned out to have been an error in judgement. You see, on Fridays, Nikki Dee goes to daycare, and with just Zachary to contend with, one of us is free to go home or go out to run errands or whatever. That being the case, Cuppa made ready to leave after I had returned from running her to daycare, but between my return and Cuppa's attempted departure the plows had come by. When she opened that garage door, what she saw is what you see in these two pictures, and, frankly, I think there had already been some melt before I got out to take these photos.

Mercifully, Cuppa wasn't about to permit me try to play superman again, so we both stayed put and waited for SIL to come home and deal with it. Fortunately, he was able to borrow his neighbour's snow blower because we don't want him having a heart attack either. Did I mention that it was extremely wet and heavy snow?

Anyway, that's the story how and why we were stuck where we were yesterday, even though we hadn't taken the Greyhound to get there and we hadn't run out of money and we weren't in Lodi.


Barry said...

Suddenly I'm very grateful for the unusually small amount of snow we've had this winter.

And I refuse to complain about the bit of snow I had to shovel from the driveway yesterday.

Donna said...

My Word!!! Evil stuff!! ;o)
Hope it all melts away for you Soon!!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

I've had a pile of tumbleweeds across the driveway, but you can just push 'em out of the way easy, even back over them. That snow looks like real trouble. Ugh!

Diana said...

Well AC even though you weren't stuck in old Lodi again, it sure was a mess to contend with. And I am glad that you didn't attempt to clear the snow a second time yourself. My uncle died from a heart attack shoveling snow at a fairly young age. He was otherwise healthy. Left 8 children behind. So thanks for being wise!
Love Di

KGMom said...

I love the CCR Stuck in Lodi song--it is now running through my head.

Ahem--back to the issue at hand. I think the snowplow operator that you have ALSO does our streets here. He seems to work up as much speed as possible then come blamming down our street, and--whammo--our driveway has us completely stuck. Thank goodness, my husband got MONSTER snowblower back in 1996 (the last year with such huge snows). He has been in his glory this winter, snowblowing away.

Bernie said...

So glad you didn't shovel that heavy snow A/C, so not worth it. Have a great weekend....:-) Hugs

Mara said...

I think you do it on purpose, asking those snowplows to come by, just so you can have a story!

But, it's a great story! I will have to give you that. And I am glad you were clever enough to wait it out and get someone else to do the heavy shovelling for you!

Mary G said...

Yeah, that was a day. We measured 15". I had to be in Ottawa for 9:30 that morning and I got there, but our concession roads had not been touched by a plow and it was pretty scary driving.
Worst thing? The slushy snow stuck to the satellite dish and blanked out just before Rochette was due to skate. I ran out in my jammys and JG's boots and cleared it, returning to the house just in time for Rochette's concluding bow. Bummer!

Valerie - Still Riding said...

She's getting so big! And I love your photos!

There I got the stupid thing to let me leave a comment...

hang in there, it's almost spring time, even if you're not in the Rockies...LOL!