Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Princess or Ballerina?

Or is it Flower or Daisy?

Actually, when she gets dressed like this, it's supposedly to be a ballerina. She'll dance and in her little way, try to do a ballerina twirl. But it's really more fairy-princess-like to me.

She's donned this outfit any number of times, but not being the most observant guy in the world, yesterday I exclaimed in surprise that the tip of her wand was a flower (see below).

She corrected me. "It's a daisy."

No, honey. It's cute. As are you.


Ruth said...

The second picture is especially adorable!

Barry said...

Well, of course, there is a profound difference between a daisy and a flower.

Every fairy-princess knows that.

Especially when they look this cute.

KGMom said...

And as she grows, she will be so embarrassed that you have these pics!
But she certainly is precious.

Lorna said...

It's the slippers that make the outfit.

Bernie said...

A/C smudge is so cute and seems to like performing for all of you, I think its great......:-) Hugs

Mary said...


She is beautiful. She is lucky to have you and Cuppa for grandparents.

About the question on my post. Yes, I * Mar*io Base*ball so it doesn't get picked up in search engines. Wouldn't my grandsons have a fit if they googled Mar*io Base*ball and happened upon Grandma's blog. LOL

Hope you had a great day.

Doris said...

She makes a lovely ballerina / fairy princess and the daisy wand adds such whimsy!

Cathy said...

Can't believe how fast she's growing up.

And for lack of a better expression - I have to say - you and Cuppa are so blessed as, of course, are your darling grandchildren.

Geeze, AC. You must have done something very right to be enjoying this precious time of life.