Friday, February 05, 2010

The Grands in January

We (read Cuppa, the indefatigable camera woman), take a lot of video clips as well as pictures. There are too many to post to YouTube, even if they were all good and non-repetitive, which they're not. So for January, I decided to cut and paste a bunch of clips from our various efforts into one file. For your incredible viewing pleasure, I present the month of January condensed to less than three minutes of video footage. Tada! (Although one sincerely doubts that a digital file truly can be said to contain footage.)

See on YouTube


Judy said...

Precious memories!

They are truly adorable children. But you already knew that.

Donna said...

Oh, this was WONDERFUL! I Loved it! You need to do this Every month big guy!!Hahaa...
Great music too! Waltz Across Texas...LOL
Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Mostly I'm happy my kids are past that stage, but watching something like this definitely makes me a little nostalgic. :-)

Bernie said...

What a great idea, they are so photogenic and will have all this to look back on.....:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

LadyCat and I are going to go see it tonight if I can get tickets right after work. Thanks for the review. Looking forward to seeing it. Have a great weekend! The Bach

Anonymous said...

I see an Oscar award in your future. This is so wonderful! Such a treasure that I know will be watched over and over as the years go on.

And once more I am about to borrow one of your ideas A/C