Sunday, February 07, 2010


I have never gotten into the commenting on comments thing that most of you do so well. I think I started blogging before it became a standard method of procedure. Besides that, it is most cumbersome and I, therefore, resist it. If you are in the habit of hiding your email address (and why you would do that is beyond me), I'd love it if you emailed me your questions. You can do that rather easily as I refuse to hide mine (and oddly enough I find that the email addy which publish for y'all gets less spam than my other account — which is moot because gmail sorts spam so efficiently that I never have to worry about spam. You have heard of Google and Gmail?). Regardless, since no one would think to go back to the previous post, here are my answers to some very important questions.

Q: AC, what sort of relish do you use in your meat loaf/meatloaf?
A: Since I am an ordinary guy sans savoir faire, I just use whatever ordinary kind that we have the fridge. My question back to you is: how many kinds of relish are there? Whatever the answer, I think you should go wild and report back to me. Actually, I don't think you can go wrong with that recipe no matter what relish you choose.

Q: What's relish?
A: Danged if I know, but we serfs put it on burgers and hot dogs and the like.

Here is what Wiki, which sounds a lot like a German gal I once dated, has to say:"In the United States, the most common commercially available relishes are made from pickled cucumbers and are known in the food trade as pickle relishes. Two variants of this are hamburger relish (pickle relish in a ketchup base or sauce) and hotdog relish (pickle relish in a mustard base or sauce). Other readily available commercial relishes in the United States include corn (maize) relish. Heinz, Vlasic, and Claussen are well known in the United States as producers of pickles and relishes. One of the best known pickle manufacturers in the UK is Branston."

Here's what it looks like, more or less.

Q: Will you please share the tourtiere recipe that you also mentioned.
A: I did have it linked in the last post, but I guess that's easy enough to miss so here goes.

Q: How are you feeling, old boy?
A: Thanks for asking (although you didn't, but I'm sure you would have had you known my plight). I'm not terribly ill, but neither am I brimming with health. A very bad and unusual sign is that I am eating little, and I am the kind of guy who has been known to order pizza right after projectile vomitting. I am also sweltering right now, but I am likely to be shivering until my teeth chatter within the next ten minutes.

Q:Whacha up to this week?
A: We are starting our babysitting gig. We did this for 8 months two years ago and stopped just over a year ago when Zach was born and Thesha got another year off work.I wonder if I should, therefore, hope for another pregnancy? (Cuppa, Thesha and SIL shake their heads from side to side, briskly and vehemently.)

Q: So ... it's deja vu all over again?
A: Yes indeedy. I was sick when we started the last gig and here we go again. You know, I didn't used to get sick so often before I had grandkids.

Q: What's you favourite song?
A: Heave Away ... ohoh ... gotta run ... and then order pizza ...


Ruth said...

I hope you are soon well enough to enjoy meatloaf, relish, pizza and your gig...
Small children are very efficient germ spreaders. Your built up immunity from school must have worn off.

Bernie said...

Thanks for the Q&A....who doesn't know what relish is....has to be someone who lives outside North America, glad you were able to explain.
A/C I hope you go to a doctor, you should be over the flu by now. I'm sure Cuppa will go with you and hold your hand...LOL, it is not fun to be sick.....:-) Hugs

Garnetrose said...

I was never one to comment on the comment thingy either. I do it on occasion but not often. I hope you get to feeling better. I know what relish is. Mostly ground pickles and spices. But the meatloaf sounds cool. I don't think my email is hidden.

Mara said...

Thank you for the answer about the relish! And Bernie is right: I live in Europe.

Hope you feel better soon and I'm looking forward to more stories about your grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

Wow... I have to admire both you and cuppa. Babysitting on a regular basis is not easy.. and now there are two. I hope you are feeling well soon. Those little ones will no doubt be keeping you on the go and physically fit. No need for a gym. :-)

JunieRose2005 said...


Well I DO comment on my comments usually...I guess I do that because of all the time I spent on message forums when I first got my computer.
It feels more like a real conversation with folks that way for me- lol- I often want to thank someone if they leave an especially nice comment on a post. I realize my follow-up comments go, mostly, unread!

Oh, well...still, that's my way and I'm sticking to it! :)

PS- Hope your 'fit as a fiddle' soon!


Diana said...

Hi Ac! Such an informative post today!
I always use sweet pickle relish which is my favorite. So sorry about your illness, I hope you shake it off soon! Love Di

Pearl said...

Funny, as I read your word "pizza", hubby said it from the other. Odd synchronicity. Much better than hearing projective vomited from the other room in any sense.

Sorry to hear you caught the be going around.

I'm never sure what to do about comments so far as replying in any timely manner. If I have any questions I'll email them too.

take care

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I saw that comment on the previous post that question what relish was!
Wow! I paused. How could anyone not know what relish is. I always immediately thing if green pickled cucumber relish we put on hot dogs ( and I love on peanut butter sandwiches) Of course, I love lots of things with my peanut butter sandwhiches; onions, hot peppers, saurkraut, apple slices, jams of all sorts, parsey, lettuce and so the list goes. (Not all these things together, Sometimes two or three together.) Now I am hungry. Off the make a peanut butter sandwhich!