Sunday, January 20, 2008


Cuppa and went out for a walk today. With temperatures hovering around 0°F, it took a wee bit of self-talk, but we managed to haul ourselves out by the scruffs of our own necks. I knew that I would feel better for it, but it I still had to work up my determination.

Of course, it did feel good to get out and take the air as they say. When you bundle up enough, you can actually stay pretty warm. In point of fact, except for my face, I was probably warmer outside than I had been inside, for Cuppa and I tend to keep the house on the coolish side in winter: about 65°F during the day and 60°F at night. I find that wearing a sweat shirt over top keeps me comfy enough during the day, and I have seldom been cold at night. In fact, the opposite is often the case. The other night, I was so hot that I actually got up in the middle of the night to check if the heat hadn't been turned up. It hadn't, so it was just one of my internal switches that had been thrown on.

Anyway, back to the walk — briefly because I am losing track of what I thought I wanted to say when I began. Getting outside in winter can be invigorating. We can and do distract ourselves with indoor activities, but physically moving one's body about on a winter day can be ... well I don't know what exactly. Exhilarating and invigorating (although I used it above) aren't exactly the right words. They're too strong, but I think you understand what I'm driving at even though my thoughts aren't coming together tonight.

What with both of us experiencing ankle problems recently, Cuppa and I haven't done well with walkies this winter, but perhaps we'll be able improve our record over the next few months. One has to take advantage of whatever the local environment offers, for if Canadians waited for the warm weather to get out and move about, we'd all turn into butterballs.


Ruth said...

My daughter and I went for a good walk on a more protected trail yesterday (wind chill -25C) and were surprisingly warm under our coats as we walked the hilly path. If you are dressed warmly there is no reason not to enjoy the outdoors when it is cold. Of course I always wear my Yaktraks as well. Falling is my biggest fear in the ice.

Pam said...

I used to go out on on very cold days and would say exhilarating is exactly the right word. The air feels different when it's that cold, denser, and sounds travel farther. But, man oh man, you gotta keep moving!

Donna said...

You two just be careful..having bad ankles is not a good thing!

ChrisB said...

I have to keep the house a lot hotter than I like because of my mother. Sometimes it feels so hot I can't breathe and she is still complaining of the cold! I guess I might feel the same in 20 yrs time!

Coll said...

Thank goodness for my dogs.. they get me out and about at the least once a day. Although, truth be told, the last two days we have missed our walks. It has been just too cold.