Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Fotos

Cuppa has already posted one of these photos, but it seems that on a cold Friday late in January that grampa can't resist. Have a good weekend.

Gramps and Smudge

Gramps and Smudge


Donna said...

What a face Full of sugars!! LOL She's Beautiful!!!

daffy said...

That little face is angelic but look at yours.
What a smiley proud Grandpa! :o)

ChrisB said...

I saw the one on Cuppa's post, it's nice to see you both happy and smiling, I guess Smudge's teeth have settled down!

KGMom said...

My oh my oh my--look at those curls.
Already she looks like a little girl, and not a baby.
Tempus fugit.

JunieRose2005 said...

:) Love those pictures!!

I see 2 very happy people there!


Kila said...

Wow, look at how big she is!

I love her hair and cheeks :)

sare said...

What a cutie ~ I gotta say though, I feel for her with that curly mop... it may cause a day or two of angst. Ahhhhhhh... :)

Coll said...

Oh my goodness.. she is just too adorable. :-). I really have to get me one of those.