Thursday, January 10, 2008

Definitely Not!

Regarding my previous baby pictures post, many of you noticed a similarity between Thesha and Smudge. Ginnie went on to ask if they are similar. Yes in cuteness and pleasant disposition but definitely not in terms if activity level. Definitely not! No way!

Thesha was a sedate baby. Plop her down, and she'd quietly amuse herself. I remember taking her out with us to visit with several other couples one Sunday night after church. We were the only couple who brought a child. Thesha sat quietly on the floor and continued to amuse herself as the clock hands rolled around a few times. The hostess remarked that she had never seen a baby like that. Neither have I come to think of it.

Smudge is the exact opposite. Her feet hardly ever stop moving and her head constantly swivels back and forth. She's forever twisting and turning and reaching and grabbing. Frankly, I've never seen anything like her before either. Althegal was much more active than Thesha but not to this degree. I guess Smudge is already lagging behind in the crawling department. She's in her eighth month and pushing nine, but doesn't seem likely to crawl soon. Part of the reason may be because she's too busy rolling this way and that. She can get pretty well anywhere she wishes by rolling.

We had thought that Smudge's activity level must come from Dad because he seems like the type who would have been a going concern. But his mother claims that isn't the case, that he wasn't all that active as a baby.

Go figure.


Lorna said...

Waaaayyyy too cute, regardless of level of activity.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I see you are under a freezing rain warning this morning: a good day to stay home. Bon Chance!

I tried to reply to your mysterious Gumpism comment on my blog.

Pam said...

They all have such distinct personalities, right from the beginning. It's fun and fascinating.

Donna said...

Thank Heavens, we're all different!! lol Sweet Baby! Stay safe and warm!!!

KGMom said...

I see you have returned to your former blog look--AC peeping out from under a hood (or whatever).
Must be the cold weather in the north.

Kila said...

None of my boys ever stop moving!

I was more like Thesha, so it's quite a change for me!

Coll said...

My oldest was walking by 9 months, my second by 12 months. My mom tells me I didn't take a step until I was close to 18 months.
I love the fact that little Smudge has found her own method of locomotion.. but just wait.. one day she will spy something a little higher up that she simply must have. She will roll herself over to the spot, grab on to the table leg, hoist herself up.. and be off to the races.