Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Cuppa Blogs and Babies are Pictured

Headline news: Cuppa has just posted her first blog in seven months. Hopefully, many more posts will follow. I love how she thinks and writes, and I know that those who recall her do too. Over the months I have received many notes inquiring about Cuppa, asking if and when she might blog again. Well, lo and behold, she has.

As for the picture, it's of my own little baby more than three decades past. Thesha had a print and asked if I could restore it a bit and make another copy. I did some repairs and touch-ups, and think it came out well.

I took the original over three decades ago, lo these many years, and enlarged it myself. I didn't have a very good situation for doing my own developing and enlarging, so I didn't stick with it for long, but I'm glad that I was able to practise a few darkroom basics while the opportunity existed. At the time digital cameras and Photoshop were beyond, well beyond, most people's comprehension. In fact, it was to be about another two decades before they came on the market, and I certainly had no clue whatsoever back in the early to mid-seventies about where technology was headed. Back then, I had yet to see my first pocket calculator and computers were huge and only read punch cards. I do remember when my school got its first digital camera much, much later. It only captured a 640x480 pixel image, but I was blown away.

As is plain to see, Thesha was one heckuva cute baby then as is her Smudge now (below). Every now and then, I catch a glimpse of Smudge, usually in profile, that reminds me very much of her mother, but for the greater part she favours Dad. The two photos in this post don't reveal much resemblance between mother and daughter, but I thought that I might as well go ahead post an old-fashioned style black & white of The Bonny Wee Smudge to go with the one above.


ChrisB said...

It was lovely to see Cuppa's post earlier.

I think it's quite nice to see the photos in black and white for a change.

I have lots of my early photos of my girls on slides and I'm about to sort them and get them and embee is going to get them put on discs. I am really looking forward to going through them. I will probably find lots to post about as I reminisce.

Donna said...

I love the pictures!! Such a sweet little face!!! Hope y'all are staying warm!!

Ruth said...

There is a remarkable resemblance there! Your restored picture is lovely.

Kila said...

I think they look very much alike! At first I thought the top photo was Smudge!

Pam said...

No doubt those two little cuties are related. The restored picture looks terrific. And now I'm off to welcome Cuppa back.

Coll said...

I can certainly see the resemblance in the two beautiful photos. Such cutie-pies.. both of them.

I too am blown away by what we can do in photography these days. I can't help but wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Ginnie said...

They look like little porcelain dolls...are their personalities similar??