Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Five Things Meme

Donna over at Made in Heaven has tagged me to list five things about myself. Although I've probably revealed a modest trillion or so things in this blog space over the years, let's see what my fertile brain comes up with this time.

1. It continues to surprise me that some people are afraid to retire because they're worried about finding enough to do with their time. Me? I worry about having to work again and how I would ever find the time to do the things that I want to do. Blogging comes to mind, for example.

2. I was present for the birth of our second daughter but not for the first. That was in 1972, and our small city hadn't progressed as far as letting Dads in at that point. Six years later they had, and it was a splendid experience for me. Now you can bring a crowd and a picnic lunch into the delivery room.

3. Some people generate lists easily. I don't. It's hard for me to think of things from scratch. I do much better with prodding of some sort. However, once I have a point in mind, I am tempted to say quite a lot about it. I'm being good (for me) so far today though.

4. As a late bloomer into the world of coffee, I didn't start drinking the brew until I was fifty-two years old. Then, I figured it was high time and began with to coax my palette with three creams and three sugars and eventually settled at double cream. On most days I'm content with my one morning mug (unless we pass by a Tim Hortons at some point during the day). However, I invariably follow my morning coffee with a Diet Coke. To be honest, I have to follow almost everything with a Diet Coke.

5. Although I was a geography teacher, due to financial constraints, I hardly travelled until I was in my fifties when we drove out west in our little, old Corolla. Even then, we did it the cheap way and primarily camped. It was a blast, and my travel journal was what I used for my first web page — which still exists here by the way. I appreciated the adventure so very much, that I am convinced there is really something significant to be said for delayed gratification.

6. Bonus: Sleep is getting weird again. Lately I've been going through restless hours from about three to five o'clock. Before and after than interval I have slept not too badly. But not today. I awoke at five o'clock and gave it up by six. I was tired yesterday too. I don't understand.

There Donna: I've been good, but I will beg off the passing of the torch. I'll leave it up to the readers to pick up or not as they will.


Donna said...

You're a Doll to have played along!!! I wasn't sure you would...but I realise that I Must stop second guessing myself!!LOL
Thanks SO much...And see there? I did not know Any of these things!! Are you worried about something? Is Cuppa OK? The Babies? Maybe...at our age, less can be enough...If it continues, GO GET A Check-up!! Promise???

Lorna said...

I'm like that about passing tim hortons too, and given that I live near enough to one to crawl there blind, I really should change that aspect of my life.