Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sometimes I Drive Myself Crazy

I post, below, another composite of The Wee Bonny Smudge just to make a point. You see sometimes I drive myself crazy.

Fifth Month

You see, that collage represents the lost fifth month. What I had previously been calling her fifth month was really her sixth ... and so on. Can someone please tell me how someone who can and does make these composites not be able to count to five?

Careless errors. They are my bane. I still remember taking a math test in high school, you know where they start you out with easy questions like 52= ? It's a gimme and the answer is 25. I knew that but wrote 10 because I carelessly said to myself 5x2 rather that 5x5. Grrr.

These days, I check a recipe, list the ingredients, go shopping for said ingredients, and upon returning home almost invariably find that I neglected to list something. Recently, I plumbed new depths when I forgot to list manicotti from a manicotti recipe. Oh, I got the garlic, chicken, cream cheese, parmesan and what have you, but I came home sans lasagna. It's at times like that that I'm afraid abuse the Queen's English and wish to dislocate my very own jaw with my very own fist.

I could go on and on. I have been playing Sudoku on my new Nintendo DS. I truly get the logic and can do an almost-intermediate puzzle in about 20 minutes. That's not a record, I know, but I'm just saying ... However, on most efforts the &*^% machine usually clocks me at 40 to 60 minutes because it penalizes me 20 minutes for every careless error that I make on the way. I'll see that a 2 must go in this box, but I will have a brain cramp and put it in the adjacent slot, or I'll enter a 4 rather than a 2 or whatever.

It drives me crazy, I tell ya. I drive me crazy. But at the age of 60 I know it's not going to get better. In fact it's going to get nurse (oops, careless error — I meant to say worse).


Donna said...

What a FUN post today!! lol And you have A DS??? You're a brave man!!! Stay warm today!!

Heather said...

Last night I went to the store for milk. I came home with yoghurt, fruit, and juice... but no milk. Sigh. I make careless mistakes like that all the time, so I can totally relate.

And one of my biggest frustrations when I was growing up - I got 99 percent on a spelling test. It should have been 100 percent because I got all the words right, but the teacher took a mark off because I forgot to cross the t on my name!

ChrisB said...

I'm loving these montages that you are creating.
BTW I have nintendo DS envy!

mreddie said...

Great composite - that continues to be one cute Smudge you have there. About the Sudoku, at least you have completed some and that is better than me having never even tried to do one. I do enjoy crosswords though. ec

daffy said...

This looks really brilliant. :o) What a great idea for apturing a few great moments.
THe DS is great. I use my daughters all the time and I must admit I like a rather old school game called Rayman... that is brain training enough for me. :o)

Kila said...

What a great composite.

My oldest boy got a Nintendo DS for Christmas! I haven't been brave enough to try it out.

Pearl said...

Those games are suppose to improve memory, or reflexes aren't they? I can't remember.

no manicotti, eh? Sounds familiar.

Coll said...

A/C.. you do make me laugh. :-)
I have just recently discovered Sudoku and am hopeless hooked... still on the easy to moderate ones though.