Thursday, May 24, 2007

That Elusive Perfect Spring Day

Riverside Park

That's what it was yesterday, that elusive perfect spring day. It was the sort of day that makes Canadians rather goofy with joy, and Cuppa and I chose to celebrate with a pretty good picnic lunch in our pretty little park by our pretty little Mississippi River. Indeed,the day was almost too pretty for words — that perfectly glorious spring day that doesn't seem to come along every year.

The photo is actually a merge of three photos. As we sat on the park bench looking north, I turned to my left and took three photos from about southwest to northwest. Photoshop magically did the merging for me. Sometimes, I have to go to the trouble of doing it manually, but Photoshop's automated script was certainly up to the job in this instance.


Amy W said...

Love the picture, as always...

ChrisB said...

That is a beautiful spot for a picnic and the photo is brilliant, you would never know it wasn't one shot.