Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Food Tag

I don't eagerly anticipate most tags, but I usually attempt to play along, and I usually don't mind them once I get going. This is a Food Tag from Norma. My mission is to list five local places where I like to eat.

One: On the Couch. I never thought that this would happen, but Cuppa and I always take our meals to the couch now. Yes, the TV is on, and we are usually watching something we've TIVO-ed. I say TIVO because everybody seems to know what it means, but we don't really have TIVO in Canada. We call it a PVR (Personal Video Recorder). Lately, we seem to watch The View at lunch time, but once Rosie leaves, I doubt that we'll continue. At supper, it may be Oprah and, sometimes Phil, but we aren't as keen about the latter as we once were. Alternatively, we sometimes tape (I still call it that) CSI (the original), the various iterations of Law and Order, Cold Case, Without a Trace, and Criminal Minds. We prefer various British programs such as Judge John Deed or Waking the Dead, but we haven't seen any new episodes of those programs for a long time. It's too bad too because British TV is vastly superior to our North American fare, which is usually pretty dumbed down. It occurs to me that the list makes it appear that we watch a lot of TV, but it doesn't usually seem that way, especially when we can always fast-forward through the commercials.

Two: At Thesha's. That's my daughter, and we share meals periodically — and not in front of the TV either! Last week, because proper cooking is not high on the new parents' agenda, I took ingredients over twice and cooked in their kitchen. Both dishes were skillets and fairly easy to transport and prepare. They also had us over for a simple barbecue on Mothers Day. In good company, the food doesn't have to be exotic to be appreciated.

Three: Swiss Chalet. We don't dine out very often really, but Swiss Chalet is a favourite. They do a great rotisserie chicken with yummy fries. It's family fare: inexpensive but good.

Four: Various Local Spots such as Katchups which is a local burger joint and more expensive than the McDonalds and Burger Kings of this world. However, they do great burgers and fries: not that we indulge there often, but it's great to take some fast food to the park every so often. Thruway does a good breakfast, and Tim Hortons is a great place to grab coffee and a bagel or a breakfast sandwich, which we also usually take to the park.

Five: The Wharf. Okay, it ain't local but it was in our old home town of Sarnia and had the best fish and chips that I know of. We're having trouble finding a good alternative here. Joey's Only will do, and although it ain't The Wharf, it's better than other places which haven't measured up at all.

It must be plainly evident to all that we're pretty ordinary and unpretentious folk with a pretty small dining out budget, but we enjoy ourselves, and that's what counts, eh?

I've left out the part of the tag where I list myself and my location along with a list of others who have played along before me. Rather than try to pick on anyone, do feel free to pick up the tag — Norma has the whole thing posted.


Cathy said...

The couch!? Thanks, AC. That's were my hubby and I also eat. We haven't sat at our table in a long time and frankly I would've been reluctant to admit it. You've emboldened me to confess: Yes. We're couch potato-eaters.

Anvilcloud said...

Couch potato-eaters be proud! It's something for empty-nesters to enjoy.

Gina said...

It sounds like we need a Swiss Chalet over here.

ChrisB said...

I confess I can relate to (1) and I enjoy dining a la anyone in the family who will invite me!! We also have a tightish budget but we do manage the odd pub lunch and of course we sometimes indulge in fish and chips but usually take away.

karla said...

Swiss Chalet is a favorite meeting spot for Mark's family as well. Let me guess, Quarter White with Fries? ;)

And I'm with you on Tim's. I love Tim's too.

Pam said...

Yeah couch potato-eaters! We watch the news and Discovery while we munch.

thailandchani said...

Definitely the couch here, also.. or the recliner. The TV is on. Sometimes it's the local newscast or if it's a bit later, Anderson Cooper 360.

Okay. At the risk of completely destroying my reputation, I'll admit that last night it was American Idol. :)

Couldn't agree more about north American shows being dumbed down. We get so few British shows or international programming in the Northern California.



Norma said...

The couch? The View? I'm shocked. Shocked.