Friday, May 04, 2007


I have to tell you that I really like women, not just because of the built-in attraction thing that I have going on deep within my being but also because of the way they are. They share and communicate in ways that we males don't. It would probably be true to say that, in many cases, I prefer the company of females to males. It's not always so, for I certainly appreciate good male companionship too.

This is a good time for me to observe women playing their roles. Thesha nurses and cares for Smudge, and Cuppa coddles both, often being able to soothe the baby when mother begins to despair. I hear various little tidbits being passed on: "When she pulls up her knees like that, try holding her really tight and rubbing her back like this."

Of course, Cuppa does what her mother did before. I remember being utterly relieved to see MIL arrive on the day when we brought Thesha home from the hospital. It was Christmas Day, and Cuppa's parents and sister travelled several hundred miles with turkey dinner in tow. When they arrived, Cuppa and I were beside ourselves trying to placate a screaming baby. MIL took right over and had Thesha rocked and settled in what seemed like no time, and then we enjoyed Christmas dinner together.

MIL quickly discovered that Thesha liked to be wrapped very tightly and to be rocked furiously. She really did. I have never seen another baby like her; we'd just about blast off into permanent orbit with the pace of our rocking. When we took Thesha out for a stroll in the carriage, it wasn't a stroll at all. We'd be bouncing the carriage for all we were worth. It was stunning really. Poor Althegal though: when I confidently wrapped her up and started rocking her the way that I had rocked Thesha, she just about went into apoplectic seizure.

Now, Cuppa passes on her knowledge to Thesha, just as her mother did before and generation upon generation previously, no doubt. It's very special to see that. Cuppa will head across town several times of day to watch the little one while Thesha has a quick shower or to soothe an anxious baby with her magic touch when mother is at her wits end. It's all very heart-warming.

Yesterday, I missed it, but Mother and Grandmother bundled Smudge into the carriage and took her out for a walk: three generations of women with many more, most unknown to us, applauding in the background mists of time. Here's are pictures of the event. Unfortunately, since I wasn't there, Cuppa's not in the photos.


Gina said...

My mother didn't pass on too much baby wisdom, maybe she forgot! ;)

Heather said...

This post choked me up a bit. I don't always appreciate my mother as much as I should. It's good to be reminded.

After Maddie was born, my dad told me I'd better not have any more kids in a snow storm, because my mom had to drive 2 hours to get to me and WOULDN'T be stopped by any storm, so she ended up stuck in a ditch. :-)

Pam said...

Babies are such individuals right from the start, aren't they?

You are right about women and communication. And women love men who truely like them. My husband is one, too, he's just as happy chatting with the gals as the guys.

Cathy said...

That's lovely AC - just lovely. It makes me miss my Mom and Grandma. It goes so fast.

Laurie said...

My mom did the same thing. Your posts remind me so much of when my son was a tiny baby. My mom and dad were there just as you and Cuppa are. How wonderful.

Coll said...

Thesha picked a good time of the year to have Smudge. Being able to get out and take the baby for a walk is good for everyone. I remember doing it many times with my own little ones. Now adays the strollers are way nicer. :-)

Ginnie said...

I laughed about the difference in placating the babies. I have three children and they all required entirely different ways to help them relax.
The interesting thing is that they are all now in their 40's but the basic personality that they showed as babies is still there today.