Sunday, May 20, 2007

At The End of the Trail

A small potion of the Trans Canada Trail lies only a long block away from our place. The trouble is that its westward progress ceases very abruptly right here. In fact, I can't think where it might resume again. I rather suppose that one is to follow the highways for a while and pick up the trail about 30km south of us. In reality, I don't suppose anyone ever does that, but what the heck, it still gives us a bicycle path toward the east.

Oh, it's not that great a trail near here, not by a long shot. It just doesn't traverse any noteworthy scenery. Nevertheless it is a viable route for us to follow if we want to go for an un-trafficked pedal.

As I said, it's not very scenic around here, but the following farm at our natural turn-around point, makes for a fairly nice setting, especially when the sun is westering. What the picture doesn't show, however, is that the surroundings aren't too very grand considering there is a highway not too far off the right side of the photo.

Bike Path Farm

The Ottawa region is fairly loaded with trails, and one could probably take this one for a long way ... if one was younger and fitter, that is.


ChrisB said...

Oh yes, a little meander along that track looks idyllic. We still haven't got our bikes out yet this year- there always seems to be so much to do at the weekend and embee is tired at the end of a long working week (he's almost 70 so I think he can be forgiven for lack of energy)

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

You certainly are smitten with the new love in your life!

Maybe by the time the little one is grown the Transcanada Trail will be finished. It seems to have stalled here in North Central Ontario. I believe it is supposed to go through our little hamlet along the abandoned CNR right-of- way between North Bay and Capreol the two historic railroad towns. I wish we still had the railroad but time moves on.