Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Thirty-Six Years Later

A Kiss to Build a Dream On

Thirty-six years ago tonight at about 12:30 am, everybody was in bed except for Ron and me. We were up talking about and laughing over our next day's speeches. After a while, my mother got up to scold us: "This is a wedding you know, not a circus!"

Tonight, thirty-six years later, I am up again, this time alone while Cuppa sleeps. She stayed up rather late tonight, however. In fact, we had been in bed but decided to do something racy. Are you ready for this? We got up and made toast at almost midnight. We even had jam on our toast. That's living on the edge for us!

It was over toast that we got the bright idea of blogging some old photos. So, here I am, posting photos of the way we were. Very young; very happy. (Expect to see another on Cuppa's blog.)

The next day or later that same day, way back then, Cuppa and I tied the knot. Ron and I gave our reception speeches and managed to inject some humour without turning the wedding into a circus. In the strange way of time, thirty-six years goes by pretty quickly, and in the strange way of time, it also seems as though Cuppa and I have been together for an eternity.

Compared to current norms, we married young. I was still at university, with more than a year to go, and had a year of Teacher's College left to complete after that. It was stupid of us, I suppose, but it worked. Even though nobody, including us, knows anything when they are twenty-one, we did love each other. We were committed, and we had integrity. We had enough character to make it work, and it has worked — with very few upsets and very few disagreements.

After our out-of-character extravaganza at The Falls for our thirty-fifth anniversary last year, we will return to doing what what we have normally done: have a nice day doing more or less regular things and have a pizza for supper. Last year we had chateaubriand; this year, we'll settle for pizza; it's a tradition that we'll happily resume.

While it is great to do it up every now and then, like last year, Cuppa and I find much pleasure in sharing a simple meal or a cup of coffee at Tim's or fries under the bridge. You really need to be able to do that: enjoy the simple moments and pleasures because they are the stuff of life. While it's wonderful to have significant highlights, such as a memorable vacation, to mark your days, it is crucial that we find some pleasure and delight in the simple and ordinary things: like toast at (almost) midnight.

I would do it all again Cuppa. Love ya, old girl.

Beginning the Dream



karla said...

What a darling duo the two of you are.

Thank you for sharing these photos. Your committed and loving marriage is something you should be so proud of and a true testament to the rest of us how incredibly special true love really is.

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! What wonderful photos!

Heather Plett said...

36 years! Wow! You inspire me! Congratulations, and have a happy quiet day in the company of the woman you love.

Thanks for sharing the pics!

-epm said...

Happy Anniversary! Thirty-six years married to the same person. Imagine.

I've been married for 23 years -- as has my wife -- and I expect to make it to 36 years and beyond. If not out of loving commitment, then out of sheer laziness to do anything about it.

I know what you mean about time: some days it feels like time has just sped past you and you have one of those "it seems like yesterday..." moments. Other times, as you march back through your album of memories, you feel as though you've been together since... well, forever.


PS. Skip the pepperoni on the pizza tonight. Who know's, you might get lucky and if you do you don't want to have pepperroni-breath when you cuddle. Just tryin' to help.

Loner said...

You two have something truly amazing - 36 years is an exceptionally long time by today's standards - but you hit the nail on the head - you have to be able to find joy in those little day to day things - especially toast at midnight! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Badpatty said...

This has made my morning! Looking at you reminds me of looking at my folks, though they have a few years on you. Still married, still in love. What an inspiration to a man who just got married for the only time! Keep at it, and look forward to many more.

Melodee said...

Happy Anniversary! You are an inspiration and one of my favorite couples. :)

Iona said...

Thank you for sharing this personal story and the lovely pictures! You make a very nice couple and you both looked so happy!

I silently wish I'm also going to make it to thirty six years of happy marriage,... only 33 more to go! LOL!

Iona said...

Oh, and happy anniversary! sorry, I forgot to add that!

Gina said...

Those are lovely photos, I am so glad that you posted them.

Happy Anniversary!

k8 said...

happy happy!

swamp4me said...

Happy anniversary!

Christi said...

Wow! I'm just looking forward to living thirty-six years! I'll only have 32 years left till I can celebrate the same come October.

Congratulations, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! You guys are so cute!

Judy said...

Happy Anniversary!

The Husband God Gave Me and I are coming up on number 27 this month.

We celebrated big on our 25th. All three kids were already out of state for Oldest Son's wedding. We picked up a bag of Whopper's from Burger King and walked our dog at the park.

Loved it. It just felt SO right!

Dale said...

You're right, AV. It's not the big, exciting affairs that make up a Life, but the little things, like "fries under the bridge" or "toast at midnight". Congratulations to both of you! I wish you many more years of happiness.

Dora said...

I was going to wish you prosperity and the attitude to enjoy it but I see that you've already got that right attitude.
Instead, I'll wish you both *love* becaue it makes everything else worthwhile. Oh, wait. You've got that too....
So I'll wish you nice and yummy jam for your toast and leave it at that :)

Norma said...

I read somewhere that if you make it to 35 years, you're home free. But keep treating each other well.

Lovely photos.

Jennifer Swanepoel said...

Aww! I hope that 36 years down the line, Gareth and I will be just as happy as you two are! :)

gemmak said...

Happy anniversary...if a little late. it's heartwarming nowadays to hear it works for some :o)