Friday, May 20, 2005

Real Spring and Music Tags

Perhaps real spring has finally sprung! I don't mean the spring season as begun by the spring equinox. I mean a little more than that, as fine as it is. What I am anticipating are those genuine spring days with balmy but not-torrid temperatures and gentle breezes.

Two out of the past three days have been balmy enough that we pedalled in our shorts — what I mean is that we pedalled about in our shorts. My shorts are not really so big that I can pedal around inside of them although, at my age, there is a rather grand possibility that I might piddle in them. How would that sound: two out of the past three days have been balmy enough that we piddled in our shorts?

Sorry about that. We pedalled about the county in our shorts. The wind was still rather strong, however, so we're not all of the way there yet — not all of the way to real spring. Nevertheless, I think that we have turned the corner and that we will now have more balmy days than chilly days.

I certainly hope so because I want to enjoy some real spring before summer gets here. That isn't very far away now. Not far at all.

Thanks to Wash Lady and -epm for picking up the baton and responding to the tag so quickly. They have both posted very interesting blogs about their musical tastes. I knew that they would. Check them out: Life's Laundry and Deertown Times .

Opps Cuppa just posted too. Can't forget Cuppa. Uh uh, nevah!



Ginger said...

This post made me chuckle! :)

swamp4me said...

We've been having a relatively cool spring here in the swamp -- but I bet my idea of a cool spring is quite different from yours :)