Saturday, May 21, 2005

Some Thises and Thatses

These are low-to-the-ground phlox, commonly called ground phlox and properly referred to as phlox sublata (I think). Phlox is one of the few families whose Latin name is also commonly used. I like the taller summer phlox as well, but I really like the dense ground covering that phlox sublata makes in the spring. It's a very hardy plant that maintains its territory against all others and that gradually encroaches on most. This encroachment is incremental, so one can keep one's eye on it.

In other news, Butterfly has posted her musical survey. What a gal!

We went for another 50k ride today (Saturday). That makes it two days in a row and 230k for the week. Despite the weatherperson's promises, it was still rather breezy. And you can't blame it all on lake effects because it was windy long before we got near the lake.

After quite a bit a riding this week, I was sluggish for a while but managed pretty well in the end. Once again,we had a picnic lunch at Clifflane, which is quickly becoming a favourite spot. Then, we stopped at Tim's in The Grove and had our coffee by the lake too.

Below is a photo from Clifflane. The sky is a bit hazy, but doesn't the water look splendid? You can also see that there is quite a steep drop down to the lake and beach in this section of the shoreline.

I think that we need to take a day off the saddles tomorrow, but I would still like to drive the car out there and quickly check a few possible routes that would take too much time to check on the bikes. Now that we're up to 50k, I like to find a way to push the mileage up another 10k. Although I'd probably never really do it, I would like to get fit enough to travel with a group tour should the opportunity ever arise.

Finally, here's the way we were on our anniversary We are looking at our Great Lake, and the camera is perched on a railing, taking a timed-photo of the old folks.



Gina said...

You guys just look so cute!

Dale said...

Adorable! You both look so happy! And look how the Light of your spirits causes the stripe on your jackets to glow!!!

Anvilcloud said...

Try the ground phlox (sublata). I have a feeling they'd do well anywhere, and I have a feeling (just a feeling) that they might be deer resistant. great spring plant!

Iona said...

Great post! I enjoyed the pictures!

Heather Plett said...

You guys are truly inspirational! I'm a little saddle sore after a couple of glorious days on my bike, but I haven't nearly worked my way up to what YOU accomplish!