Sunday, May 29, 2005

Carrying On

For those who can abide the suspense no longer, I present myself here and now to put your minds at ease by informing you that I went to sleep without pills last night, and I did not suffer from night heat and/or night sweats. Contrary to recent experiences, however, my first few hours were not fitful but relatively peaceful. The second half of the night was more restless, however. Counting the initial going-to-bed, I only made four bed-switches last night. Actually, I seldom make more, but there is often more wakefulness involved than there was last night.

I was a little less cranky today but still not on top of my game. However, we still managed to enjoy a 50k ride. I took the photo of the yellow field (below) today after having noticed it for several days but being reluctant to interrupt my incredible Lance-esque pedalling rhythm. I speculate that this is a canola field although it seems awfully early in the season.

The top photo was taken on a recent trip within the past few days, but I forget exactly when. If I were Swamp or Rurality, I would tell you the name of those roadside wildflowers (or escaped cultivars) at the top, but, alas, I am a urban twit and not a rural wit.



Rurality said...

I would guess some kind of phlox, but Swampy would probably know for sure!

Melodee said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. And I'm glad you had an easier sleep last night.

Heather Plett said...

Lovely pics. I envy you your beautiful riding environment - my ride to work is full of ugly potholes, rude drivers in the middle of rush-hour, and only urban scenery (though I do get to cross 2 rivers).

I have known the demon of restless sleep, so I sympathize with you. Fortunately, given the fact that I have to be a reasonably cheerful parent of three young 'uns, I don't struggle with it these days.

*~*Michelle*~* said...

Beautiful pics! I am currenty suffering from very restless sleep. Glad to hear you are recovering from it!

Lora said...

Beautiful Photos!

Regarding your sleep problems. I have had sleep problems all my life, so I certainly can empathize. My husband after wakes up to find me on the couch. Since I've had lots of experience with this, I do have some advice that you may find helpful.

Take melatonin. It's not a drug. It's not addictive. It is something your body naturally produces and as we age our body produces less of it. It is especially helpful at letting you get sleepy enough to fall into a quick and relaxed sleep.

When you do wake up in the middle of the night or have problems sleeping, stay away from both the computer and the television (easier advice to give then to follow). They're to stimulating, you need to do something that will allow your body to shift into a lower gear. Read something relaxing, drink some herbal tea, doodle, take a bath, wash the dishes. Basicly, do something you enjoy or don't mind doing, but that isn't work and isn't going to get you wound up.

Also don't lie in bed tossing and turning, if you can sleep get up. Tossing and turning will only get you frustrated; it won't help you sleep.

Good luck and, of course, talk to your doctor again. There could be lots of physical causes.

Dale said...

Nice pics, as usual. I always fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night. I can't imagine how miserable it would be not to sleep well. Lora's advice sounds good.

Valerie - Still Riding Forward said...

Glad to hear you are sleeping better! What's the prize for the "guess the posy" contest? I WIN!

We call it purple rocket, also called Dame's rocket.