Monday, September 06, 2010

Belated Birthday Pics

As it happened, my 63rd birthday unfolded in three stages beginning with some cake, ice cream and gifts (remember the obsolete iPod?) with the A Team after we got home from the cottage and before they flew back to Vancouver. After a hectic week at the cottage followed a long drive home to a house in the mess of a major renovation, we neglected to take pictures. That shows how tired Cuppa was because she hardly ever forgets to record these events.

My actual birthday was a usual day of childcare, but the event was still remembered — with pictures this time. The morning began with candles — on my birthday buns as it were.

The lighting and blowing of the candles was repeated five times accompanied by five very slow rounds of Happy Birthday. Nikki Dee loves to lead the singing and to be the main candle-blower-outer.

She is also happy to be the main gift-opener and doesn't mind at all that the gifts are for someone else.

Last year, I took her and Cuppa to McDonalds for my birthday. This year Zach was sleeping, so we continued to make it a tradition without Cuppa who stayed with him while Nikki Dee and I went out. Maybe someday, Nikki Dee will take me out, or maybe this won't really become a tradition; time will tell. I took more than a half dozen pictures of her, but this is the only time I managed to get her to look at the camera: little impy-doodle that she is.

It was back home for cake, which she helped Amma to decorate ...

... along with much finger-sticking and licking just to make sure it was acceptable.

Yum. It passed the test.

Come Saturday, Thesha took us out to breakfast while Theboy stayed home to continue with the renovations.

And that's about it for another year.


Bernie said...

I am still chuckling over your description of Smuge helping with the birthday duties.....what a pair you are.....:-)Hugs

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Belated Birthday A/C. Love the cake! :-)

Kila said...

How wonderful to have such a little helper :)

Donna said...

Well, it takes at Least 5 times to get it Right!!!Hahaa

Lorna said...

I wish Amma would teach me how to make such a lovely cake. Actually, it's only the decorating that I'd need help with. And the patience.