Friday, June 26, 2009

Foto Friday

We have tons of rather late Fathers Day photos today, but since I've missed a few Foto Fridays, perhaps I might be forgiven?

Actually, I begin with a few photos from the day before Fathers Day. Sorry, I can't help myself. We had been playing in her back yard. You can see bits and pieces of her new swing set in the background.

Now for Fathers Day itself. It began with a trip to Timmie's and taking our coffee and breakfast sandwich to the park.

But, of course, the real action was at the kids' house later in the day, beginning with a quick hug on arrival. I love Nikki Dee's enthusiastic greetings.

But most of the day was spent outdoors. Where else would you want to be on the first day of a Canadian summer? Nikki Dee loves her new swing.

Of course, there were gifts. Nikki Dee was in her modern art mode when she composed this card which speaks of tension and resolution in an atmosphere of love and respect within an imperfect world.

Accessories for the garden, either to walk on or display in some other way: the butterfly and ladybug are appropriate as they are totems (of a sort) of each of my two daughters.

The best gifts are those freely given. Fortunately, there were lots of hugs and snuggles on offer.


Mary said...


Beautiful Father's Day photos. Nikki Dee adores you and you are building many great memories with her. You are an excellent Buppa.

The butterfly and ladybug garden ornaments are cute. Looks like you had a marvelous day.

The swing set is going to come in handy for fun in the backyard this summer. Kids love to swing. A great thing to do on a summer day.

Caught up on the post below. Kids are naturally drawn to water. Glad you were keeping a sharp eye on her.

Enjoy those kids. They grow up far too quickly.


Heather Plett said...

You are well loved. Consider yourself one of the fortunate ones. :-)

Unseen Rajasthan said...

You have got a wonderful family !! Your daughter is so cute and beautiful !! Loved this post..Unseen Rajasthan

Ginnie said...

I have never heard of a child's homemade card as being one "of tension and resolution in an atmosphere of love and respect within an imperfect world".
I love it and can't wait to say that to my little 7 yr old the next time I get one of her cards !

Woman in a Window said...

You were given time to be father and grandfather...the best gifts, I'd say.

Donna said...

Oh these are such Wonderful days for you!! Nikki and Zach are such wonderful little "gifts"...
I tried to get "sugars" from 14 yr old Sami yesterday...Hahahaa...Our "infant" days have drawn to a close but we had a Sugar Blast while they lasted!!hahaa...ENJOY IT!!!hughugs

walk2write said...

It's a rare man these days who would bask in the glory of his family rather than his own. You apparently are one of them, and I'm happily married to another one. We had our own glorious Vatertag weekend, and my face is still shining...

simplycol said...

What wonderful children and grand children. Makes it all worthwhile.. doesn't it. :-)

Mary said...


Thanks for the correction on my post about what US state lies south of Lake Erie. Of course Michigan is to the west and New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio to the south and southeast. I appreciate you bringing the error to my attention.

Garnetrose said...

I envy you for being able to have her close to you. Ours lives so far away and it saddens me that I cannot see her til Sept. I recieved a mothers day card much like that one you got from Alix and I have the message she left me on the phone. I refuse to erase it.

Amanda said...

You are a much loved father and a wonderful Grandfather.
The Grandkids will have so much fun on that swing set!

I'm glad you had a wonderful Fathers Day!