Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bugs, Campfires and Bread

What with two lots of company, babysitting and illnesses, it's been a hectic and draining few weeks here in Anvilcloudia. So, it was that both Cuppa and I luxuriated in the quietude of a slow-paced Monday. The only real item on the agenda was for me to attend a jam session on Monday evening, something that is hardly a chore. However, at the event, fatigue caught up with me, and I found my brain beginning to shut down less than halfway through the session. Cuppa has an expression: "It feels likes someone has pulled the plug and I'm circling the drain," and for almost the first time that expression seemed aptly descriptive of my Monday evening letdown.

However, on the way home I found solace in the knowledge that Tuesday should have been another fairly relaxing day as should the next few after it. Alas, I came home to the news that Althegal was very anxious to get to the cottage on the next day and would really like to meet us there. Of course, since get-togethers are few with our west coast daughter, we knew we'd make the effort.

Come Tuesday morning the p[lot thickened when Thesha called letting us know that Zach was sick and wondering if we could we babysit Nikki Dee during Zach's medical appointment. Shortly after, we heard further news from Althegal. They would be getting to the cottage around three o'clock and would need us to supply the key. Meanwhile, Cuppa also had a hair appointment, so we couldn't leave until about three, but we promised to get there as soon as we could. After all ...

... which of you, if his son makes a request for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he makes a request for a fish, will give him a snake?(Mathew 7:9-10, Bible in Basic English)

So, off we went on a three-hour drive into the Canadian hinterland to offer our hapless white but succulent bodies to both the black flies and the mosquitoes. In less than twenty-four hours we fellowshipped with the girls around the table, in the sunporch, and by the campfire, before tiredly journeying the three hours back home with much less blood flowing in our veins. However, we felt good in the knowledge that we had made the effort to be there for our kid and also to support the insect population of the forest with aour blood. Yes, we were leaving many happy and sated bugs behind. I felt sure that I could glimpse them in the rearview mirror waving contentedly and languidly on their blood-induced high as we pulled away.

But more importantly than donating our blood, we also gave our daughter bread rather than a stone, and isn't that what parents are supposed to do?

Following: a few photos around the campfire. Bug jackets are prevalent in some, and some are taken by holding a flashlight in one hand and the camera in the other. The perpetrator of the event, Althegal, is the subject of the first photo and manages to get into most of them. The little fellow, bug-jacketed from almost head to toe, in the last photo is her nephew by marriage.


Ruth said...

I like Cuppa's jacket and have never seen one like it. However, I think you stole the hat. My forearms look very spotty after my forays into the swamp this week. Six hours driving for fellowship...definitely bread, not a stone!

Queenmothermamaw said...

I never saw a jacket or hat like that. Maybe we don't have as many bugs as I thought. If they were that bad I think I would have been after a jacket and hat. You're good parents. Blessings.

Amanda said...

Over here we could be doing with those jackets to protect us from the Scottish midges!

Mara said...

Being eaten alive by mosquitos and other assorted flying crawlies to see the family? I wouldn't call that bread, I would call it a scrumptious chocolate cake!

Donna said...

Hahaaaa! God will Surely bless your efforts and acknowledge the bloodletting sacrifice...Glad you got to see her!hughugs

Judy said...

Father of the year, I tell you!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I refuse to wear those jackets and head nets. I decided long ago I had to learn to love the little blood suckers. On the other hand. my son needs his head net. He hates the bugs and prefers Winter when there are none.

Your pictures aren't exactly the kind the tourist business likes to publicize:)

Mary said...


I had a bit of catching up to do. Love the photos of the family with Nikki Dee in the post below. Grandkids light up our hearts in a special way, don't they?

I'm glad you were able to go to the cottage. Family time is important and it's fun to make lots of memories. Loved the Biblical quote. More people should think like that.

Enjoy the weekend. The sun is shining here today, but rain again tomorrow. Hope the weatherman is wrong.


karla said...

Sigh...I had a long sentimental comment about how I never comment anymore and how much I enjoy your blog and how much you and Cuppa rock because my son barely saw my parents for over a year because of his health and THEIR smoking habits and then my computer died because my power cord wasn't plugged in. Sigh.

On a brighter note - Happy early Father's Day AC.

KGMom said...

Oh, I know the circling the drain feeling. Some evenings, when I sit down, I feel this wave of weariness sweep over me.
My, it does sound as though you & Cuppa have been on the run. But, you're right, you do things for the kiddos, don't you?
Sorry about the bugs, but you can keep them up north, thank you.

Ginnie said...

Your description of the blood sucking flying insects against your white bodies is almost too descriptive...hopefully the hat kept them away from your face!

Lorna said...

oh, you are inspirational.

And funny.

And a good picture-taker

Barry said...

"It feels likes someone has pulled the plug and I'm circling the drain"

I've never heard that phrase before. But I'll never forget it.

Loved the campfire photos. Brought back many memories. I've donated a lot of blood to blackflies and mosquitoes in my time.

Kila said...

Wish you were close enough to babysit here ;)

Hope Zach is better!

Me said...

I've offered bread to my daughter, AC, but alas, she continues to refuse it opting instead for a meagre subsistence with her beloved RJ.


Woman in a Window said...

WHAT? Bug jackets? ERRrrrr, yer've garta toughen ye upen, ye does!