Sunday, February 19, 2017

No Spring Flowers Here

We had a snow day, which we define as a day when school buses are cancelled, and we had another day when the buses could very well have been cancelled. We've had a lot of cancellations this winter, so I guess that's why they didn't cancel on the second day. Sometimes, they end up cancelling based on the forecast, and the weather doesn't get too bad; at other times, they probably could be more cautious, but I can see why there's some pressure to keep the schools running at full vigour after many cancellations. (Would it be possible for me to write some form of cancel any more than I did? I should cancel my use of cancel.)

As I see photos from my blog friends of spring flowers emerging, I am sure that you'd like to see how things stand in the good ole Ottawa Valley. Keep in mind that we've had snow on many of the days of the past three weeks but not always like the two dumpings this week.

↑ The path to our front door kept getting narrower and narrower.

↓ The hydrant across the street is almost obscured, and would be more so if good neighbour hadn't shovelled a little path to it. You can see why they attach those extenders in winter.

↑A view from the street. That's JJ burying Danica in the distance.

↓ A few closer views of the burial below.

↑ She totally covered, and JJ is quite pleased.

↓ She emerges. What fun!

↓ Now it's his turn.

↓ JJ begins to emerge, like a monster form the deep.

At had to go to a business just off main street. This ↓ was the driveway entrance.

Finally, some video clips of the kids having fun in the snow while waiting for their somewhat delayed school bus. ↓ Plus some neighbourhood snow removal.


Tabor said...

Long winter but if we were all like the children, we would not notice!!

Marie Smith said...

Wish I could celebrate the snow like the kids do! Oh to be young!

Mara said...

I saw a crocus (well 2 actually) just the day before yesterday. Bit of a shock that. I wouldn't mind some snow this week, but unfortunately it looks like double figures. Quite jealous of Danica and JJ!

Country Gal said...

WOW ! Lots of snow there , we are green again down this way and very mild Sat and today both reached a high of 13C and sunny just lovely spring like weather , our Robins are back . One of the reasons we didn't move up north or in the Snowbelt area to much snow for us lol . Lovely photos , looks like the kids are having a blast . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day .

Shammickite said...

Some of that snow will be melting this weekend.

Vicki Lane said...

Now that's some serious snow!