Thursday, February 23, 2017

Movies in Almonte and Jonathan on a Limb

They're doing it again — Hallmark is making a Christmas movie in Almonte: the third one in the past few years.

I have mentioned one in the past, and I have embedded a trailer for the second, Love on a Limb, below. I can probably find the full movie on YouTube, but it might be gone by the time I post this, so I'll resist the temptation.

Love on a Limb was based around the protagonist attempting to save the town's beloved oak tree. In real life, and I suppose in the movie, the tree was cut down.

This is of special interest to us and many others because it has been well climbed upon.

This is Jonathan on the very same tree, sometime before the film was shot.

Another one on that tree when he was even younger.

Of course, tree-climbing is not new to Jonathan. I could post many climbing pics, but here is perhaps the most recent one from last September: this one was taken at Blakeny Conservation area, just north of Almonte.

Back to the current filming, from which I managed to digress. It will be called A Christmas Festival of Ice. I have found a link to it on a local news site. As usual, the film will pretend that Almonte is an American town: in New England to be precise.


Mara said...

So does everyone have to talk with an American accent when they come and film?

Marie Smith said...

Boys and trees go together so well.

Kay said...

Adorable photos of Jonathan. I guess Canada must have the most beautiful places to film.

Jenn Jilks said...

Isn't that fuN?!!!!
I watch chick flicks while working out, run upstairs to tape them, then try to spot the ones filmed in Canada! I record them to remember which!)
This was before my son went from acting to being a financial dude.

Luna Crone said...

-grin- I love those Hallmark Christmas movies!!!!! :-))))

I used to think that they were made, in Vancouver. There seems to be lots of rain, in Hallmark movies.

So sad, that no one in real life, was able to save that old tree!!! Unless it was a danger, of course.

Luna Crone