Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Update on The Clay Girl

It's getting closer: the launch of Heather's book, The Clay Girl. The launch party, above, is on October 2, but it hits the bookstores on October 11.

I have mentioned this book before, but it's time for a bit of an update.

I don't think I told you that she was invited to the America Booksellers Convention in Chicago; she was the top new Canadian author invitee, and received all sorts of buzz. From there she was invited to a number of western American cities to do a reading and promote the book. How exciting! That tour is still in the planning stage but should occur sometime this fall.

You will see various little reviews on the information page to follow, but here is a quick response from our local bookstore owner, who was able to obtain a publisher's copy or whatever it's called. She also wishes to schedule a reading as does our local library as well as a book club in Ottawa.
Just want you know I recently finished your sister's book. Some beautiful writing in a very tough story. I really enjoyed it. Please keep in touch re scheduling an event. 
Thanks for bringing it to my attention. 
Here's how we all can help right now. Your library should have a Suggest a Purchase option on its website. The pertinent information is on the bottom of the flyer below, which is printable if you would like to take it into your library. Here it is separately: The Clay Girl is available from Jaguar Book Group • ISBN 978-1-77041-303-0 • Paper, $18.95 • OCTOBER 2016

BTW, you can also help by pre-ordering the book from Amazon in either paperback or Kindle format: Canada USA . Apparently, pre-ordering is helpful. In due course there will be an audible version, but I don't have any information yet.

And here is the info brochure that should be of printable resolution if you click.

Of course, I will give you notice closer to the actual release, but any pre-orders would be appreciated.


KGMom said...

Wonderful to help a new writer. Much success to Heather.

Jayne said...

How exciting!

Ruth said...

I just read all of Heather's short stories on her website. She really is a gifted writer and I can relate well to her career related tales. I preordered her book too.

ADRIAN said...

Good luck. I am full of admiration for anyone who can get this far.

Marie Smith said...

I look forward to the book.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

This is wonderful. I'm still trying to moe the last 200 of my books. It was so disappointing.

Vicki Lane said...

So exciting! All good wishes for a big success. And to put my money where my mouth is, I'm off to order the Kindle version. And will ask out library to order it.

Shammickite said...

wow I live very close to Blue Heron Books, have been in there many times, what a nice store!