Thursday, August 04, 2016

Sleepover, Photowalk, and Learning to Ride

As you may know from Danica's post yesterday, she had a sleepover and a photowalk. There wasn't much sleep for her or grandma because she had a bad cough that kept them both awake. It's not often that I am the one to sleep in as it were, but they were up and breakfasting when I awoke at 6:30.

I have some photos (gasp! really?) and will end with a video of JJ learning to ride his bike.

She wanted to bake, so she and grandma made bran muffins with chocolate chips.

In the evening, we went on a photowalk, she carrying my 7D. The strap was a little long, but she didn't mind at all.

There are a few gaps off the trail where we can get down to the river and take a look about.

I have enver seen the water so low. We were able to get out on
the rocks that are usually covered, but there were algae blooms all over,
wrecking the view. Just a week or so ago, the water ran clear. There was less snow
than normal last winter and it was followed by a droughtish spring. Even though
we are getting some rain now, it's still not a lot, so the water levels remain low.
Posing on one of the boardwalks over a swampy area.

After a hot and muggy walk, it was time to head home, with showers for the sweaty adults. Then we settled in for some snacks, Netflix and hugs.

Long time readers will know how much I love this girl.

Next day, we stopped at Tims for lunch followed by a bit of shopping before taking her home.

When we got there, JJ was keen to resume his bike riding efforts, so we all went out to help.

It was slow going for awhile, but then he got it. In the video, you will see that a certain red car acted as a magnet for him. Thankfully, he always managed to avoid scraping it.

You can see how pleased he was with himself at the end. What fun to be present for this milestone.


Marie Smith said...

Great post, Grandpa! Loved the video! A memory your boy will have for a lifetime!

What is it with Grandpas and their girls anyway? We have the same thing here! Beautiful to watch and be a part of too!

Anvilcloud said...

@Marie: Her mother claims that she has me wrapped around her little finger.

Tabor said...

I remember those magnetic cars when I was learning to ride a bike! It is nice to see you having so much fun with these two.

Mage said...

Wonderful stuff grampa. Delightful all around.

TexWisGirl said...

she's so cute. :) yay for bike riding!

Ginnie said...

Your usual great photos, AC. My computer is too slow to watch videos. I'm sure it was adorable.

Dale said...

Great video editing! Someone needs to buy that boy a boy's bike.

Vicki Lane said...

A real accomplishment, learning to ride a bike! Good for him!

KGMom said...

Where to start--first, you dearly love your girl--and obviously she returns the love.
Second, another photo bug in the making. And a baker--so wonderful to be close enough to share such life experiences with your girl.
Third--learning to ride a bike. I bet there are many people for whom learning to ride a bike was a wonderful milestone. And it requires the interaction the video showed--parental instruction, then guidance, then cheering. All the WOO HOOS. Loved it.

Jim Flack said...

Great Photos! I also sat mesmerized watching JJ learn to ride his two wheeler. Great video with lots of encouragement from family. Tell him I even clapped at the end of the video. Great job!! My 6 yr old grandson just mastered same last week. Now he is wanting a bit larger bike. Unfortunately with school starting here next week, and homework abounding, (yes even in first grade) bike riding time will be at a premium.