Friday, August 05, 2016

Bridge Street Bazaar

The town had its annual Bridge Street Bazaar last weekend. The whole of main street was lined with booths or people promoting their wares.

Bridge Street becomes a pedestrian mall for the day

We always seem to go although that day is always hot and we are never, or at least seldom) into purchasing anything. I walk up and down, sweltering in the sun, wondering why I am there AGAIN. There there I am, and it can be a good opportunity to shoot people ...

... such as this lovely lady who represented the flower shop.

There are musicians.

On the stage.

Cute ones on the street.

Grumpy ones who didn't like my camera. I found it strange for musicians not to like being shot. One deliberately turned away while the other hung his head, and he wasn't singing about Tom Dooley.

Some like listening to the music.

Some seemed astounded.

One meets friends, especially if the one is Sue.

And family too.

I shot this other photographer, who didn't notice. I was surprised by his unipod which would have been a bit cumbersome, especially since he wasn't using it at that moment. I decided that he and his MONOpod would look good in MONOchrome.

Kids are always fun to shoot.

I saw two signs with this saying. Odd that I have never come across it before. Being a bit of a punster, I approve.

At the end of our walk, I even spied a drone. I haven't seen any photos or videos posted. Too bad. So sad.

And that's it for another year when I will again wonder why the heck I am there under the sweltering sun.

(Sorry about posting so many photos. I generally try to keep it down to a more manageable number, but I seemed to need them all to tell the story.)


ADRIAN said...

A grand study I enjoyed these.

Marie Smith said...

Never too many photos for a story, in my opinion. Your "shoot a few people" would have a different expectation in some places.

Mary Gilmour said...

Nice work. And I love Cuppa's sunshade. She is one classy dresser.
Waiting for the weather to change at the moment. Faint hope.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We often go to similar fairs and events for the reason you did, John, and that's to "people watch" and take photos. I know that some folks may not approve of having their photos taken, but in a public spot they are fair game and so I'm glad you did not shy away from including their pics here.

TexWisGirl said...

got some cute little cherub cheeks. :)