Thursday, February 19, 2015

One Fine Frosty Friday

Have I ever mentioned that it has been a very cold winter hereabouts? Well, it has! Since New Years, only one day has exceeded  0°C and ever so slightly at that, and as I look at the weather projections until the end of the month, there is no relief in sight.

But ... as you saw with the blue jays and other efforts, I do still force myself to head out with the camera every now and then. I make my stops brief and certainly don't fiddle and faddle much with camera settings. It's kind of a grab and dash sort of thing.

One day last week, Friday to be exact, it was both cold and bright, so I thought I would see if I could catch mist coming off the river. I caught a little, but I was too late in the day for prime time, if indeed there had been a prime time on that morning.

Here are some of my photos from that shoot, all taken within a few blocks of each other.

There was some mist rising from the above shot, and you might also catch a little through the little railway overpass, below.

This was once a mill town, and you can see why in the next two photos, which also feature some mist.

And this was one of the mills — the Boulton Brown Mill if I am remembering correctly. I am showing both a colour version and a partial monochrome version of this shot. It is now a condo building. I have never been inside, but I presume that it has been well refurbished in there.


EG CameraGirl said...

Beautiful shots of the mist and a great place to photograph!

Unknown said...

One of my favourite places, but I've only ever beewn in summer....go figure

troutbirder said...

It does look cold but beautiful in its own way....:)

KGMom said...

You are killing me with these gorgeous photos.
You are MOST fortunate to live in proximity to such places which lend themselves to being captured by someone such as you, with such a good eye.