Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Al's Blue Jays

Our friends have been feeding the birds this winter and mentioned that blue joys were coming to the feeder. They're such pretty birds, so I thought I would try to get a few photos.

There were two problems. For one thing, I don't have a really long telephoto, so I would likely scare them off by having to linger too close. For another thing, it was been so dang cold that I wouldn't want to hang about outdoors anyway: not for any length of time for sure.

My solution was to set up my camera on a tripod, focus it on the appropriate bird feeder, set up my remote clicker, retreat indoors and hope for the best.

It worked -- sort of. I was able to click from the warmth of the house.

There were two problems. (What two more?!)

With the camera focussed on the feeder, the birds soon became out of focus if they weren't precisely on the feeder. This was especially a problem because those durn jays were in and out so fast that they were mostly coming and going. Sheesh! What skittery creatures!

Anyway, I got a few. Not the best, but I'm glad that I tried.




I now have a 13x19" printer, so this is what I printed for Al, whose feeder this is. It is also in recompense for him doing a little handiwork for us -- something at which I am clueless. This is a copy of it. Please take careful note that my math was a little off and I didn't get the middle photo centered quite right, vertically. Sigh. It won't hang in any gallery, but I hope Al likes it a bit.


Country Gal said...

I think they look great , Just remember that the really cold air can mess with the focus of cameras but you got some nice shots here . I am sure Al will love them . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

KGMom said...

AC--two observations. First, math was not your discipline (although geographers certainly need math...longitude, latitude).
Second, blue jays are indeed pretty birds--but nasty. Talk about attitude!

ADRIAN said...

If they are anything like our jays any result is an achievement.

Linda Kay said...

I really enjoyed the ones with the jay in flight. The wings are as beautiful as the body underneath. They are a bit skittish, however. Kind of scary for some of the other birds since they are pretty aggressive.

TexWisGirl said...

i think you did well! beautiful set for al!

Donna said...

You don't like these?? Lovely shots! Look at the wings!!!
Well Done!

Ruth said...

Blue Jays are so intelligent and beautiful. Your pictures capture their beauty remarkably well. Bird inspired home decor is very trendy right now. You should market your three photos as a set.

MARY G said...

I love the back end of the one diving off the feeder. Great capture, given the conditions.
We have lots of jays as well, and a more restless subject I never have encountered.

EG CameraGirl said...

I applaud you for experimenting. And I think the photos are wonderfully full of motion.

Hilary said...

It makes for a lovely set of images. Jays are never easy to capture at the best of times. I hope you didn't leave your camera out in that frigid cold for too long..

Mara said...

I would be extremely glad to get such photos! They are gorgeous.

Unfortunately my garden is at the back of the house (facing South) and I have no South facing windows. Which means that if there would be little birdies flitting in and out, I would never get to see them.