Monday, December 16, 2013

Of Christmas Trains

I am destined NOT to have a Christmas train.

Having been brought up in an era when boys were sometimes given model trains for Christmas, I have long been wistful to have one. I did have a model of sorts as a boy, but that is long gone, left in Montreal when we moved to Toronto in 1962.

Years ago, I found a nice toy train that was perfect for under the tree, but it was soon wrecked by some undisciplined little brat who was brought to one of Sue's Christmas Tea for ladies. Actually, I shouldn't chastise the boy, for his rampant-wreaking was really the fault of an indulgent mother.

This year, which is decades later, I spied another in a local shop. I purchased it without thinking too hard, and it was way too big for our place. I passed it on to the kids, and it is almost too big for their place. They did get it to fit under the Christmas tree, more or less, by removing some of the track. Really, they are just indulging me and could care less about the thing.

I spotted this ↓↓ in the Country Depot (see previous post for more pics), and it would probably be the perfect size, except we are so full of Christmas ornaments that there would still be no room for the thing. However, it is rather cute.

In parting, here is a last shot from the Depot. It's not particularly Christmassy but I want to fit it in somewhere because I like the sentiments. Being of sombre mien, as discussed recently in the Selfies post, I don't think I can pull it off, but I can be happy inside.


Tabor said...

My youngest grandson is in love with many young men at that age. I find them so fun and love watching them, but have no patience in setting one up and taking it down.

Regenia said...

I agree. That sentiment is great! Glad you included it. It would be a good thought with which to begin each day, wouldn't it?

TexWisGirl said...

i don't decorate for christmas, really, but i like that sign. :)

Hilary said...

Nice sentiment indeed. A good train of thought. :)

Jackie said...

I think that most guys love trains; that's a wonderful thing.
My son is an engineer. I love trains for more than one reason.

Lorna said...

At the risk of being obvious, trains aren't just for Christmas. She said happily.