Monday, December 23, 2013

Another Day, Another Snow Storm

They keep coming: the snows, I mean. This one came with a bit of freezing rain. Thankfully, we did not get the brunt of the icy precipitation as some other areas. The power went out near us, but ours stayed on.

When I went out to shovel the walk yesterday, this is how the driveway looked. The snow was up to a foot deep, was the heavy type, and had a crusty layer on top. Ugh. And I don't know how well you can see it in the photo, but we were quite socked in by the pile that the plows deposited at the end of the drive. That would have been a heavy load to move.

But I knew that I didn't have to move it because we hired a contractor to do the work for us again this year. No sooner had I cleared the short walkway than I saw the tractor coming up the street and implored Sue to pass my camera.

It was a sight for sore eyes, and I mean that quite literally.

Last year, just about this time, I experienced lightning bolts in my right eye after a session with the shovel.


When the vitreous gel inside your eye rubs or pulls on the retina, you may see what look like flashing lights or lightning streaks. You may have experienced this same sensation if you have ever been hit in the eye and seen "stars".
The flashes of light can appear off and on for several weeks or months. As we grow older, it is more common to experience flashes. If you notice the sudden appearance of light flashes, you should visit your ophthalmologist immediately because it could mean that the retina has been torn.
 link from Michigan U
My flashes have never gone away, so although I like to shovel (in moderation), we have contracted the job since then. They do our drive after about 4cm/1.5in of snowfall and when the town plows in the driveway. Yesterday, I was thrilled to see the machine lumbering up the road.

It was soon doing the job.

Two passes with the blower and one with the plough, and a job that would have taken me much time and exertion was done.

I walked out into the street and took a few more pics. The first looks back at the driveway; the second up the street.

This one looks across the street at the fire hydrant. Do you see why they attach yellow arms to the hydrants in winter?

Lots of people were out shovelling as was this neighbour. We had a little chat. Being poor on names, I don't even know his, but his wife, Rosie, is she who also minds our grandkids, and we chat often while waiting for the school bus. I decided I liked this b&w rendering the best. He looks happy, and indeed, snow does have the ability to make us feel happy early in winter and especially around Christmas. It is not always so later in the winter, however.

We have always had a white Christmas living here, but it usually isn't this white. One year, it had to snow on Christmas Day to bring us white, but that is pretty darn unusual.


Dimple said...

I have wondered how people in towns cope with the snow, John. Thanks for showing me.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Tabor said...

You have taken what could have been a ho hum post and turned it into a lovely photo montage. The black and white of the guy is great. We have had winters like that here and since we live in the country, we get snowed very glad this is not happening here.

Jimmie Earl said...

I am so glad I live farther to the south than you! We get snow by the inch, not by the foot!
The eye problem you are having is the same one I am having. I'm glad you cited the Michigan U quote. It's the same thing my eye doc told me. I also now have "floaters" that he says will never go away, but I will get used to them.The flashes bother me while driving at night, so I have curtailed that to a bare minimum. Great pics,btw, I have never seen that large of snow blower. Our area still uses blades.

Hena Tayeb said...

wow that is a lot of snow. our snow finally melted and we can see the ground again

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We won't have a white Christmas where I am in NJ, so I am enjoying yours, John. Good idea to have someone else do the hard work and so you can just take the photos which is NOT as tiring.
Also, thanks for the well wishes for my mom, much appreciated.

Gail Dixon said...

Good grief, I can't imagine having to deal with heavy snow like that. I'd hire the shoveling out, too. That bright red snow plow stands out and brings a sense of relief when you see it, I'll bet.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, i remember those snowful days! glad you've got someone to scoop out your drive. sorry about the flashes, though.

RVVagabond said...

When Denny and I first started looking for areas where we could settle down and buy a house I told him that anywhere where we saw poles on fire hydrants was immediately off the list!

That being said, I do enjoy seeing snow in photos and am intrigued by such a large snow blower/plow combo.

Jinksy said...

That working machine is a sight to behold. I'm grateful I've never seen that much snow at one time, in one place. But I do remember the year my son was eight - we had enough for him to build a pretty good mini-igloo. He was a happy snow baby, but my sensible daughter preferred the view from inside!

Donna said...

I think it takes a "tougher" person to live in all that cold then to live here in all our heat...I just can Not imagine it!! Like the B&W as well!
Merry Christmas dear friend!

Regenia said...

Lightening bolts in my eyes would be really disconcerting! Seems wise to let the plow do the job. Merry Christmas to all of you!

Lorna said...

It looks a lot like that at our place too.

Except for the nameless neighbour.