Friday, December 13, 2013

A Downtown Stroll

It had snowed in the morning, so we drove the few blocks to downtown to take a little walk. The sidewalks are kept clearer there, and we also had a purchase in mind.

I thought I might get some nice snowy photos, but I didn't really. However, I did take some pictures to share with you all.

This dilapidated garage lies opposite the parking lot, one street over from the main street. I have always thought it was click-worthy, and since I had my camera, I clicked. I like the textures.

We ended up in The Granary, a health type store, where we made our purchase. The first thing that caught my eye was this little corner with its chandelier and Christmas tree.

Later, I snapped the shelves of orange-labeled supplements. Oranga glad I did?

Walking farther up the street, I thought that fellow bloggers, Donna and TexWisGirl, might be amused by this restaurant. I have never been inside this place, but it was a hotel of sorts in the golden era. If I missed any other Texan bloggers, I apologize; this is for you too.

We soon passed an original log house, the Moore House, that has been preserved. It was moved downtown from another location a few years ago and is now a museum of sorts in honour of Roy Brown, the pilot "officially credited with shooting down Manfred von Richthofen, the "Red Baron." (Wikipedia) He was born here in Carleton Place, where there is a commemorative mural on main street. Someday, I will take a photo of the mural and also of his house.

We turned and walked back toward the car when I was happy to spot this old fellow out for his walk. When we first came to this town, 8 years ago, we'd frequently see him out striding. He has slowed down since then, can barely shuffle these days, and is also legally blind. But I still see him out walking in all sorts of weather, and I really admire the guy. I think the name of this new business in town, Sunshine's Then & Now, is very appropriate for this man.

Thanks for joining me on our little downtown walk.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

That garage is a good shot to revisit, John. The photo or the man walking past Sunshine's was poignant especially after reading about him. And, yes, I was glad to see orange.

Gail Dixon said...

I really love that first shot of the brick garage with the weathered wood. Beautiful shots of the snow scenes, too. A really lovely collection. :)

TexWisGirl said...

i love your town! so pretty all the way through (at least what you shared with us). i'd love to try that restaurant! :)

Donna said...

Well, my feelings are hurt that you've Never even been inside! ;o)
Looks like a neat place to visit...take some photos when you DO visit...Hahaaa...wonder if they sell stuff from here...
Fun post! Enjoy your weekend!

Donna said...

PS- Oranga? Hahaaa....well played...

Hilary said...

I enjoyed the walk through the town. That last shot is just wonderful.

Jackie said...

I especially love the first shot.
There is something about older buildings that draws me...and the colors and textures in this one are wonderful to me.
Thank you for sharing your walk through the town with me.
Smiles to you,

MARY G said...

Your main street is still pretty vibrant, unlike many small towns. I love to wander through. After the Hectic Holiday is over, maybe I can entice you and Sue for a cuppa?