Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Silly Seniors Tenting in the Country

Didja notice a tent in the previous post? Didja, huh? Didja?

In case you missed it ...

I know it seems weird (mostly because it is) for two seniors to sleep in a tent in the wilds when they have a perfectly good cottage at their disposal. But they ... er ... we do.
Although there are more than 100 acres of forest, we pitch it in the yard not too far from the house. We can enjoy the great outdoors but also be near the safety of the cottage. This is pretty deep country after all, and on more than one night, we were awakened by the loud yipping of a pack of coyotes. I don't know how close they were to us, but they were very loud. I also heard the faraway howl of wolves a few times.

We gave away our previous tent a few years ago because it was rather confining, and our aging bodies were finding it difficult to get in and out. It was also a hassle to put up. But this summer, I found an easy-to-put-up tent on sale. I made sure that it was a decent size and trusted the advertising that it would go up easily and yet still be sturdy and waterproof. Thankfully it proved to be just that.

We had tried it out back in August and were getting pretty good at putting it up in our autumn visit. It did take us longer than the advertised minute, but not much longer.

The poles are already attached, so they just have to be clipped into place: easy peasy. ↑

Sue was soon inside making sure all was ready for the first night. ↓

However, we were not quite as prepared as we might have been. The first night in late September was pretty darn cold — going down to 5°C/40°F. We were a little unprepared for that degree of cold and spent a very uncomfortable night. However, we prepared better for the second night with hoodies and extra blankets, and we were fine for the next seven nights.

At night, I lay there all snuggled in my sleeping bag and gazed at the stars in the clear, moonless nights. Gradually, my eyes would succumb, but I would force them back open to gaze in wonder for as long as I could.

On two nights I took my camera to bed with me, so that I could snap some morning photos through the screens. Not a bad view, eh?

Altogether it was fun, and we slept very well on an air mattress, which was arguably more comfortable that the cottage beds.


ChrisB said...

I must say you are selling the idea of 'camping' but I still think I'll pass. However, the photos you took are beautiful :)

Donna said...

One word.... Sasquatch....Hahahaa...
Sounds fun but...nah...Great photos though!

troutbirder said...

Oh that looks fantastic. Very much like our first tent way back when. We tent camped all over North American for more than thirty years before we got a pup up trail which was more like a tent on wheels. Nothing like being in near wilderness with canines calling in the night...:)

TexWisGirl said...

whatever brings you most comfort and joy. :)

Jackie said...

Beautiful....and a wonderful idea to camp out in a tent...yet be near to the comforts of home. Brings back so many memories of when Daddy, Mama, my Sister and I would camp in a tent at the lake. We would stay for a week or more. It is more fun and relaxation than one can imagine. I am so happy that you did this. Your photos are splendid.
Warm hugs,

Lorna said...

I did see it, and I did think,"I wonder how far they've camped from the cottage". I didn't think you might have pitched a tent just to get lovely photos in the dawn's early light.

Mara said...

Nope, despite great photos and good stories, you are still not selling camping to me. Done it once and that was enough for me. Mind you, if the setting had been anything like the setting you're camping in, it might have been different.

Oh no, I am getting swayed now!

Pearl said...

nice to see dawn come in through tent windows. if it was ever truly warm in this country, I'd be under the open stars directly.