Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trikes, Religion and Viruses

What a helpful lot you all are with various suggestions and links for trikes. Unfortunately, it's too late and substitutions have been made. Perhaps she will adapt to the bicycle with training wheels before long.

On the weekend, I was shocked to learn that Americans don't normally get a holiday on Good Friday. It's one of the statutory holidays up here, and schools and government workers also get Easter Monday off. It's hard for me to fathom that the most fervently religious country in the developed world disregards such a sacred day. I'll never understand you guys. But that's okay since I don't understand much, including myself.

There was a time when I was a boy that Sundays were close to being sacred in our home: to the point that even turning on the tv was problematic. Apparently, however, such zealotry never caught on in America ... or if it did, it stops at noon when football takes over. I am not saying that I have a problem with this as for me anything goes on Sunday, but I have difficulty understanding how football Sundays fit in with the prevalent religiosity. Then again, Sunday shopping was in vogue much earlier down there than up here. For us, it only opened up in the nineties after much wringing of holy hands.

I hope I am being clear that I am not judging: merely scratching my noggin ... which perhaps explains my baldness.

We've had a flu bug going around here, visiting hordes of people. Nikki Dee was sick for a few days last week, and Zachary was sick for on Monday. Yesterday, the germs visited Cuppa, and without going into the gruesome details, I don't think I've ever seen anyone as sick as that in my whole life. The worst of it lasted for about three continuous hours. I haven't been feeling too well this week, but I sure hope to avoid that. My goodness.


Mary G said...

Wishes for returning health to Cuppa and to you to dodge the bullet.
Remember Toronto the Good? Where they rolled up the sidewalks on Sunday?
Puzzles me too.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Bloggers can certainly be a helpful group, AC, as we have also experienced when posing questions on our blog. Thanks to you as well for the reading suggestions. I just completed my first Susan Hill mystery, Pure in Heart, but unfortunately our local library only has 1 more of her books, so will have to wait until we've relocated to continue with her.

When we were growing up in New Jersey there were so-called blue laws which closed everything, except for absolute necessities, like food. Sadly that is. O longer the case. Our son in law wasn't with us on Easter because he was working at Walmart. Many things have changed and sadly not for the better.

Hope you and your family are feeling better soon. Spring time colds are never welcome.

Hilary said...

I'm sure ND will love what you got for her.

Cuppa's virus sounds awful.. I can only imagine.. though I'd rather not. I hope you can sidestep it and that everyone is feeling much better before too long.

Donna said...

We closed for Good Friday even though it's not a national holiday (should be!). And as Beatrice said, we use to have the Blue Law (nothing open on Sundays) but that also got rolled over...The Godless vs God. Over the years our nation is slowly being taken over by those who place a higher value on the almighty dollar and especially with the current administration, we are sliding downhill, Quick! If America doesn't get Obama out of office in November, this nation is done....
Hope you all start feeling better soon!!

Jimmie Earl said...

My son's entire family has been laid low with the flu and colds and ear infections. The "baby grands" have been hit the hardest which breaks my heart. They are so precious, it is hard to see them feeling yucky!
I remember when everything was closed on Sundays except for the necessary things. One couldn't even buy gasoline, so we filled up on Saturday, as well as buying the groceries we would need for Sunday dinner. We did things like visiting grandparents and friends after the entire family attended church. My how things have changed. And not for the better!

Mara said...

I think it's a holiday in the Netherlands, as is Easter Monday. And Whitsunday and Whitmonday and Holy Ascension. Not that anybody remembers what those two are about, we just love the extra days off! (Just in case you were wondering: I was raised Christian so still do know what they are about). After that we've got a massive dry spell until Christmas!

Dimple said...

This country has gotten progressively less observant of holy days for many years. I remember when I was in grade school that we had a week off in the spring which was called Easter Vacation. Now it is Spring Break. I also remember that banks closed at 3:00 on Good Friday...that also is no more. Now, it's more about how much money is spent on baskets, gifts, and candy.
But these observances are not necessary for faith. And coloring eggs, meeting at a high place for the sunrise, and eating ham have nothing at all to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
That's what I think, anyhow!

Hope you're all well and stay that way!

KGMom said...

Well, I have to tell you a tale of reverse product availability.
Years ago, when Cabbage Patch dolls were all the rage, our daughter wanted one. But none was to be had ANYWHERE in our U.S. environs. At the time, my parents lived in Guelph, Ontario. So my mother bought such a doll, then arranged a very round-about transport from there to here in central PA.
Anyway--on Good Friday. We had that as a holiday not too long ago, then we had a Jewish governor in our state. SO it was an all or nothing kind of approach.
Some businesses solve the issue by allowing personal days--so very religious folk can take the day that is for them religiously significant.

Diana said...

I sure hope you aren't coming down with the nasty bug A.C.

As for the Sunday thing, I too remember the days when everything was closed, especially on the holidays. And you know what? It was great. My husband and I often talk about how much we miss those days.

The times they are a changin".
Love Di ♥

Kila said...

Good Friday used to be recognized more. Now it's not as "politically correct" to do that.

We used to have Easter Vacation during the holy week leading up to Easter. That's no longer done most places. Now there is Spring Break sometime in March.

I remember when Sundays were quiet when I was a kid, and stores were closed. We would go to church, then have lunch and just relax at my grandparents' house.

Norma said...

In the USA you can graph all sorts of social problems beginning around 1965 to coincide with loss of religion in the public square.