Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Sleepover

The girl let us know that it was way past time for a sleepover this weekend. We know that she will bring her internal perpetual motion motor with her, but we swallow hard, batten down the hatches, and put our game faces on.

Once again, she amazed me at story time. She pulled out an old ABC book where every letter becomes a lesson for good behaviour. It's a rather saccharine Christian kids book, but it's what she chose. Anyway, she read most of it to me -- the part in bold at the beginning of each page. I continue to shake my head at this kid who is still in Junior Kindergarten. I don't know how she figures out so many words. Yes, she needs help from time to time, but really ...

Here at random are a few of things that she read.

B is for Behave; It means doing what's right. Be happy and helpful; Don't argue or fight.
F is for Forgive; If a girl or a boy is naughty or careless and breaks your new toy.
K is for kindness to Grandpa and Gram; Be helpful to others, be sweet as a lamb!
U is for Unselfish; Be willing to share. Be thoughtful of others and always be fair.

... and so on ...
Onto the pictures.

Gramma helped the girl do her nails in the morning.

We did lots of yardwork, mostly her idea, believe it or not.

She worked hard.

You did good, Buppa and deserve a hug.

Time to sit and relax and try on Grampa's cap.

Didn't we do good, Buppa? I think it's time for ice cream.


Donna said...

Loving those nails!Hahaaa....she did all that yard work? Wow... Hope she got two ice creams!!
Boy, I'm missing little ones running around. So fun!

KGMom said...

Hey, the cap looks good on her! Hmmm--almost better than on Grandpa.

Bernie said...

The girl is growing up so fast, love seeing her but am a bit lonesome for her "younger" days.

Hilary said...

That child is full of good ideas. I suspect it didn't take a lot of arm-twisting for the ice cream. ;)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Really like Nikki Dee's ides of after gardening treat of ice cream.

Mary said...

She is amazing!

I miss you guys.

Diana said...

Face it A.C., these kids today are far more advanced then we were. I remember reading the Dick and Jane series way back when. Much simpler than what N.D. is reading now.

I love that she's gardening with you. That can come in handy down the road!! Love Di ♥

Mara said...

I think it was time for an ice-cream too. I hope you got her one!

Regenia said...

I particularly love the picture of Nikki Dee with her sunglasses and her grandpa's hat on, having a heart to heart chat with him.

Ruth said...

My goodness, she looks more grown up every month.