Friday, March 19, 2010

This is More Like It

Big deal, you say: kids playing on the porch. Well let me tell ya sumpin, this here is Canada, eh, and it's only mid March. Do you see any jackets? No, but you do see sun hats. Crazy eh?

We've had a gentle winter all things considered, our warmest and driest in 63 years, thanks to The Little Boy (El Nino — sorry if I've translated incorrectly, but I think I've read that somewhere). In the Ottawa area, we're sometimes snow-covered from mid-November to almost mid-April, but this years it's only been from December through February. The snow has been melting apace since March began and only remains in shaded areas or where it's been piled extra high after clearing — or both. In fact, I have been told that Environment Canada declared winter to be officially over last week, and it's really been over for almost three weeks now.

Compare that to these two photos which I posted on March 9, two years ago.

Digging Out

Digging Out

And look how much remained on our lawn on March 29 of that same year.

There was still plenty around on April 13, if you please.

I've often said that the main problem with winter is that it lasts too long and that I'd like it to stay away until December and be over by the end of February. Well, by golly, that's exactly what happened this year. Oh yes, we'll almost certainly have some miserably cold weather and some snow to boot, but it will pass quickly because winter is over.


Diana said...

The first thing that I noticed AC was the sun,the lack of jackets and very little snow in the background. At first I thought that you were playing with your photos again! Then I saw the photos of how much snow you usually have! Now I know where to go if I ever miss the snow!! Good for you,enjoy! Love Di ♥

Anvilcloud said...

To be sure, that winter was abnormal in the other direction. It set or came within an inch of setting snowfall records. It was crazy. We had tulips growing under the snow when it finally melted enough to see.

KGMom said...

Ah--you've changed your "policy" on not answering comments.
Anyway--I think all the snow you didn't get, we did. February here in central Pennsylvania was the snowiest month on record EVER.
Though, truth be told, I loved it. We have had a decade of too little snow winters, so I relished this winter's snow.

Ruth said...

This was a irregular winter on the continent as Donna points out.We got off easy north of the Great Lakes. This has been a beautiful month here.

Kila said...

You know I can appreciate what a wonderful treat that was! Hope it lasts! Any future snowflakes shouldn't last long!

Mary G said...

You think the weather gods listened and gave you what you asked for? Hmm. Beware the snows of April! My husband put the boots away and I am expecting a blizzard.

JunieRose2005 said...

the kiddies seem to be enjoying the warmer weather!

Well, for us, way down in Fl, it's been an unusually long and cold winter! It looks like spring but still FEELS like winter to me! It's only in the low 60s, even mid-day!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

The poles are flipping upside down or something -- can't believe your weather while we are going to have that disgusting white stuff, aka SNOW, tomorrow out here in the middle of the danged Southwest!!!

Barry said...

We've been lucky this year for sure. I was really worried about snow shoveling this year, knowing I wouldn't have the energy to keep up.

But then, in Toronto, it hardly snowed at all.

Bernie said...

Even Alberta has had a nice winter, most of our snow arrived by December and some of it still remains but we have had some beautiful Spring like days....oh I know we will have a few more days of winter but I also know they won't last long.....bring on Spring with all its glorious flowers, shrubs and smells. Love it! ...........:-) Hgs

Donna said...

The Sun just makes you Feel better! Glad you all got some rays!!

ChrisB said...

You are way ahead of us in getting some warmth, although I have to say the last few days have been reasonably sunny, but still a bit too cold for no coats.