Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A More Lighthearted Memorial

I can't leave it at yesterday's maudlin post. I don't apologize for it, but I need to post something lighthearted before I move on.

For example: this photo, which I find hilarious. Rocks was lame, but when he was younger at least, he gave it his all to keep up. One day, he decided to sport with one of the neighbourhood squirrels. However, it turned out that the squirrel actually sported with the cat. By the time this picture was taken, Rocky had totally given up the chase (smart cat) and was pretending to be disinterested in his former quarry and current tormentor, who was bold and cheeky enough to actually pause to look through our patio door. I think the squirrel could have had a cup of coffee.

Saint Paul
(our Mr Fixit friend in Sarnia, Holmes twin more or less) had made a crutch for Tiny Rocks one Christmas, but for some reason it didn't travel to Ottawa with us (I have no idea why since everything else seemed to make the trip). So, SIL made him another one. You can't see the whole thing in this picture, but you can see Tiny Rocks (okay, not so tiny, but it was Christmas) posed proximate to the crutch. What fun!

Tiny Rocks

He was a magical kitty who, believe it or not, could change size at will. Therefore, I always found it prudent to show utmost respect for this natural born predator, for I do not possess a squirrel's speed and agility. I think Lord Cat was saying, "Lower," at this point.

I mean to say, look at that size of that tongue compared to little old me. Yes, respect was warranted. And received, thank goodness.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of your beloved cat.

Bernie said...

Now this has brought a smile to my face.......great photos....Hugs

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

I get lots of visits from spirit cats, so if I see Rocks, I'll let you know. What a fine cat and what a good boy, and I am sad for your loss, but glad you had 11 good years together. You took good care of him and it's obvious he really loved you and loved life (and would have loved to have given that cheeky squirrel a good nip!).

Anonymous said...

I've never been much of a cat lover, but I love a lot of people who do. Cats are cool and I wish I could be more like the cat I knew whose name was Data. His owner, too, grieved over his loss and misses him to this very, in a round-about way, I can relate.
Pet people are special people. As for me, I'm a dog-people. We have three Boxers, and in the last 10 years have had to put three down. Not an easy choice but the right one.
With all this being said, I am sorry.
Ah-Choo !
Swampy in Colorado...well, I'm in "Okrahoma" right now, but I am from Colorado.

Donna said...

Hahahaa! What happy photos these are Ac!! Love the squirrel!Hahaa...((((HUG))))

Barry said...

Wow, that's some cat! I think if I came across a cat that size I'd bow down to it too.

Mara said...

My Wuppie is trying his best to get as big as your cat. I've told him however, there will be no bowing from me (and less food as well), so he's decided to just snooze a bit more.

Great photos!

Diana said...

I've tried to comment three times on this post and every time someone or something pulls me away from the computer! Maybe I'm just afraid of the giant cat photo's! I do have four cats you know, I don't want to have nightmares!!!!
Love Di ♥

Garnetrose said...

they give us so many wonderful happy memories, don't they?

Mary said...

AC, So sorry to hear that your Rocks has passed. My sincere condolences. Our pets are part of our family and are sorely missed.

After the pain passes, you will have many fond memories of Rock. He was a lovely cat.