Sunday, March 28, 2010

Her Turn

The Boy has been getting a lot of exposure in this space lately. For one thing, he and I are alone together for most of two days of the week while his sister goes off to daycare and Cuppa gets things done at our place. On the other three days, we four are together, and life becomes a little more hectic to the point where we may not think to use the camera. So, for two days a week, if I think to get out the camera, he's the only available subject. There's also the fact that he quite likes the camera and is more than happy to stop and pose. His sister, however, usually does her best to ignore that silly clicking thing. In point of fact, I was just looking at a series of six photos, and she was studiously ignoring the camera in each and every one.

Nevertheless, it's time to share a few pics of her, all taken at Cuppa's birthday dinner.

And then there's this one. Did I ever mention that I love this kid?

Update: We were out for breakfast yesterday and made some more futile attempts to get Nikki Dee to look at the camera.


Donna said...

Hahahaa...I see her peeking in that last one!! How funny!!

Bernie said...

What fun photos and I think you should frame the one "I Love This Kid" is a really nice one.
Happy Sunday.......:-) Hugs

Mary G said...

They either won't look or they ham it up. I could do a whole photo essay on the family hams.
Yes! 'I love this kid' would win in any company.

Diana said...

Yes you have mentioned that you love that kid! And we can tell that you do. That cake looked scrumptious! You must have been busy in the kitchen for hours! Happy Birthday to Cuppa!
Love Di ♥

Anonymous said...

She is being a little minx teasing you and getting you to do the smiling for her. I know I would tire out easily, but I envy your baby sitting job.

Anonymous said...

These are great pics! Makin' memories especially with grandkids is a treasure. And she will treasure these pictures some day for sure! Have a great week!
:) The Bach

Doris said...

All great photos but the fifth one is just wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Mattable. Frameable. Hangable.
Two of them captured those gorgeous eyes. Well, at least one of them in the last photo caught her peeking from behind that yellow critter. Too Cute for Her Own Good !
Someone who is 36, or 63 or 93...if you're lysdexic like myself has a great looking chocolate cake. Please pass a piece over here.

Cathy said...

No fair AC!

You don't even have to work to have a wonderful blog.

All you have to do is snap pictures of those adorable grandkids!


And of course the fair and beautiful Cuppa :0)