Monday, November 24, 2008

A Little Lesson

Sometimes, something is much, much better than nothing. This frame was one of my Christmas gifts last year; at least I think it was for Christmas.

It seemed like a fitting gift for someone who likes to dabbles with photographs, especially if working with older photos is part of the hobby.

But it sat in my cupboard until last night when for some reason I decided that I should stay up until midnight after a busy weekend and do something useful with it. So, I grabbed six photos, mostly of my grandparents.

It wasn't what I intended while I was letting the frame sit empty in my cupboard for eleven months. I had intended to extend back to great grandparents and onward to grandchildren. But one can only do so much with only six spots to fill, and I wanted to do something, so here it is (again).

That's my paternal grandmother with my father in the top left and with me bottom centre. My paternal grandfather is top left and also top center with me and my dad. Bottom left: with my one and only uncle (Dad was an only child and Mom just had one brother who didn't marry). Bottom right: with my maternal grandfather and his dog, Skippy. My maternal grandmother didn't make it into this mix; she died when I was two years old. Photos do exist, but I haven't scanned any yet; I simply used some that I had already processed.

As I said, it's not what I had intended, but it's a whole lot better than hiding empty in my cupboard. I guess there's a lesson there (I'm still learning them). Sometimes, something is better than nothing; you can't always wait on perfection because you might be waiting for an awful long time.


Amanda said...

I think what you have done with the picture frame is really good. I love looking at old photographs. All you need to do now is hang it up!
I love your new look.

Ruth said...

I like it. One things about frames, you can change them later if you want.

Janet said...

I like it very much. And now you can live with it, and as you work with your other pictures, you can always update it.
I love the Christmas trains.

Heather said...

You've made me feel guilty for all the frames sitting in my cupboard that I've had good intentions of filling.

Linda said...

You're right. Sometimes, something is better than nothing.

Mary said...

I think you've done an excellent job with the frame. The photos are perfect. What memories you have here. I enjoyed seeing each of them. Thanks so much for sharing.

Love your new look with the Christmas train. It's very festive.

Enjoyed my visit as always. Take care and enjoy your hobby. I'd love to see more old photos.


methatiam said...

VERY NICE! It looks quite professional.

PBS said...

That's VERY nice! Bet you're glad you did it.

Donna said...

It's Wonderful! AND...I've MISSED this background! It's Christmas Now, for Sure!!hahaa...Happy night!!hughugs

ChrisB said...

I think I recall seeing you post some of those photos. A great way to preserve and treasure photos.