Sunday, November 23, 2008

Busy Times

These weekends come and go very quickly, especially when we do a lot of travelling and visiting in three short days.

On Friday we drove to see The Professor and Marianne (Cuppa's brother and wife) near Peterborough. Surprisingly, they had more snow than we do near Ottawa (although we don't have any right now). They live in a gorgeous house in a gorgeous spot nestled in the woods (but not deep if you know what I mean). They have big window views all over the place. Here are two from the same window, one focussing on a Christmas ornament and the other not. Pretty eh?

From there we headed to Toronto or near enough to visit with Treebeard and Turtlestack (Cuppa's sister, who is less stacked these days, and her husband). In the evening we headed out in the bitter cold (-10°C/15°F, wich seemed mighty cold to a bald-headed, hatless man in November) to be warmed by the energy of Great Big Sea. They are a rollicking folk group from Newfoundland who really connect with the audience as you will be able to tell in this clip of one their old standbys, The Night Pat Murphy Died. They start slowly, so give it a minute or so for them to really get into it if you choose to watch the clip.

It was on the hectic and tiring side, but it's good to get out and to be doing too. Anyway, back to Nikki Dee and all of her wonder tomorrow!


JunieRose2005 said...


AC- that music was fun!

I enjoyed the snow pictures too!

So glad you and Cuppa had such a good weekend!


Womanin a Window said...

It's striking me right now that you lead quite a rich life, don't you. From family to friends to good music and beautiful settings. Blessed, I think. Me too.

Heather said...

Great Big Sea puts on a fun show. I'd love to see them again.

Amanda said...

Every time i come over to your site i have a look to see what kind of weather you are getting ~ brrrr!!!!
I love the view from your friends house, it looks just beautiful.
Glad you both had a great weekend.

Dale said...

Great Big Sea was here last night? Was that the reason for the crowds and traffic downtown? It took us nearly an hour to get from Union Station (by car) to Mimico. 6.6 miles.

Janet said...

Thanks for posting that clip. They look like they put on a fun show. I'll have to look them up!
"The Professor and Marianne"? Are they really, or are those just your blog names?

ChrisB said...

Glad you both had a good weekend. It must be wonderful to have such a beautiful view outside your window.

Jules said...

Great Big Sea is the best! I think they really cover all age groups! We went to see them a couple of years ago - Ron & I were in the stands (sitting) and my parents were on the floor in the mosh pit. What the heck? ha ha

ExpatKat said...

Sounds like you both had a great weekend. Love that snow!

Mary said...

I'm so glad that you and Cuppa were able to enjoy your getaway and visit family. The photos are beautiful. Oh, to have such a view right outside my window.

I enjoyed the video and am glad everyone enjoyed the show. It's good to get out every now and then.

Thanks once again for your kind words, support and friendship in this difficult time.


Donna said...

What a Gorgeous View!! Glad ya'll were able to get away!!hughugs

Ruth said...

Glad you both escaped the wrath of winter roads. You must have snow at home by now.