Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Listing Things

We had our snow tires installed today. It started to snow about two hours later.

We have a tiny backyard in which the former goofball owner planted two maple trees. They will removed tomorrow while they're still on the small side. A wise man once advised me to "Take care of your problems while they're still little." So we are. One hates to cut down trees, but I think this has to be done.

I had a fiddle lesson today, the first in six months. The teacher thought I sounded better than I did then. I was glad to hear that. Progress is slow, but she was able to notice an improvement after not hearing me for so long. Thank goodness for that. Sometimes, I wonder about my sanity in all of this; sometimes, I think I'm crazy even to be trying to fight this uphill battle. Think of immigrants learning a new language. The kids are speaking fluently withing six months to a year; most parents will speak with an accent for their whole lives; the grandparents are usually a lost cause. As you know, I'm a grandparent.

After years of not paying attention, I have started to follow hockey again in the last few years. My team, the Montreal Canadiens was supposed to be good this year. They're not. Not yet anyway. They are the most successful hockey franchise in history, but have fallen on hard times recently. However, they've been improving in the past few years, and we loyal fans thought that they would be contenders in this their 100th anniversary. So far, so bad.

This weekend we are heading to Toronto to visit relatives and take in a Great Big Sea concert. They're an upbeat Newfoundland group. It should be good to hear them once more, the last time being eight years ago (I think). We'll also see Cuppa's brother and wife, and then her sister (Turtlestack) along with her husband (Treebeard) and daughter (Sare). Sare, is just back from Korea and expecting her first child in another month or so. It will be a boy as will our next grand. There will only be about a month between them. I wonder how often they will meet though, especially if she settles back in Korea.

I believe that Andropause is real. I seem to suffer from hot flashes through much of the night lately. When I get up in exasperation, the house is cold enough that I cool down rapidly, but once I lie down again, I heat right back up again, sometimes without any covers on. Cold standing; hot lying. Crazy.

Cuppa and I finished our latest book last night: Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why. It's written by Bart Ehrman who, like I, is a former evangelical. It's a very readable book if you're interested in Christianity: written for the layperson but very informative. However, if you believe in plenary inspiration and wish to keep believing in it, don't read the book. Plenary inspiration is the belief held by many evangelicals, that God inspired every word that we read in scripture and that there are no mistakes. What I didn't know until I read this book is that it's a relatively new doctrine, probably less than a century old and has not been the view of most Christians at most times.

In my fiction reading, I've recently read Louise Penny's Still Life. She's a Canadian mystery writer who sets her stories, at least those that I have read so far, in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. She's a very good writer although she may need to learn not to go overboard in her endings. I've also read two novels by Rhys Bowen. Apparently, she has several series on the go. One features Evan Evans a young police detective in Wales. Another revolves around Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie in the 1930's, a woman who is thirty-fourth in line to the throne. I enjoyed both Evan and Georgiana; they're both lighter than many British mysteries, but I liked both of the protagonists and plots. I've also read several Martha Grimes mysteries lately; she's a good reliable standby. Oh ... I almost forgot Deborah Crombie's, Where Memories Lie. I don't know why I almost forgot it because I may have liked that one best of all.

Finally (much to everyone's relief), we usually buy one new Christmas CD every year. This year it's Loreena McKennit's, A Midwinter Night's Dream. If you are looking for something seasonal but different and enjoyable, give Loreena a try. For Canadians, we found this CD on sale for $15 at the nearest Chapters store; it's listed for $23 at Amazon Canada and $17 online at Chapters.


KGMom said...

AC--I read Misquoting Jesus a while ago, and really enjoyed it. I especially liked the part about monks inserting text where they thought it was a good fit. Certainly puts a lie to the concept of every word is completely and totally inspired.
Then a couple of months ago, I read Ehrman's latest on The Problem of Suffering (not sure if that its title, but it is the subject).

Janet said...

I dearly love Loreena McKennit.

It's a shame about the maples. Are they not still small enough to dig up and relocate? A nursery might be willing to come and dig them up for free so they could sell them.

Janet said...

And that book "Misquoting Jesus" sounds like it's right up my alley!

Mary said...

I must look for Misquoting Jesus It sounds like a good read.

Glad you are once again taking lessons. You can do it and will. Just keep on, keeping on.

Thank you for your kind words and support as we say goodbye to Aunt May. I appreciate it very much.

Enjoy your day, my friend.

Amanda said...

Must try finding one of Louise Penny's novels, i love finding a good new author to read.
I wish we could get a little snow ~ we hardly ever get any!

Ruth said...

Some good book suggestions there for someone who has now has more time to read. I will have to check out the Christmas CD as well. Enjoy Toronto. The roads to the airport and back here are treacherous tonight!!! Big storm coming to the SW tomorrow but not for Toronto. Everything will be cleaned up by the time you arrive

womaninawindow said...

I've always been interested in the history of the bible, the social and economical times that it was born of. It seems to me that no book can be without an imprint from the authors. This would make an interesting read. Too bad I don't have the fortitude to get through anything longer than a blog lately.

Loreena McKennit is totally freaken awesome. I've been loving her cd since my second year at University, which when I stop to think about it, was a long, long time ago!

PBS said...

Poor little maples. But I have "weed" trees growing here and there. Tried to find homes for them with no success. Good thing you got those snow tires on, eh?

dabrah said...

Rhys Bowen sounds intriguing, so I may put one of her books on my Christmas wishlist, since my kids have been bugging me to update it. I'm also a really big fan of Martha Grimes, though I haven't read one recently. Possibly another contender for my wishlist. Our village book club's current read is The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. I haven't read it yet, but it looks like it will be completely wierd and hillarious.

Lorna said...

You may want to try Julia Spencer-Davies---an episcopal woman priest is her protaganist, and she writes well.