Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Walk to the Park

When I take Nikki Dee out for a walk, I certainly have my choice of conveyances, but the little car is the favourite because I can push it with one hand. I do prefer the smoother and quieter ride of the more conventional stroller on the right, but it still requires two hands to control it properly, and that makes it a little less comfortable for the pusher. I don't prefer pulling the wagon. I used it once, and that was enough. Of course, the fold up stroller is usually in the back of our vehicle. It's easy to transport but not all that comfortable for a normal walk about the neighbourhood.

So ... as you can see, the kid certainly has enough ways to get around, but you will notice the absence of an old-style pram. I wonder if anyone uses them any more?

On a normal walkie, I avoid the park because it's hard to drag her away once she's there. But we did make a special trip the other day, and after she enjoyed a swing, she explored other options.

Although with so much to see along the way, it's hard to remember where you were heading.

How about a game of X's and O's?

Nah! I think I'll head to the big slide.

With a little help she'd walk up the slide and then Wheee! down with a concerned Grampa holding one hand (of course). She had a lot of fun, but neither of us had fun when it was time to leave: she because she doesn't understand and me also because she doesn't understand and gets very upset with me. She lets me know of her disapproval of my strong arm tactics in no uncertain terms.


KGMom said...

I look for the wheeled modes of transportation to increase as Nikki Dee continues to grow. Next a tricycle, then bike, then roller blades, then auto, then . . .Oops getting a bit too many wheels here!

Amanda said...

I used a big Silver-Cross pram with my kids, i spent alot of time polishing it too!. The kids loved it and i loved pushing it too. Now the Wee man is getting bigger i have a 3-wheeler for him which is easy to push with one hand.
But i would like one of those trailers, they look good.
All kids are the same, not wanting to leave the parks, toy shops etc...!

Ginnie said...

The picture of her contemplating playing X & O's is a classic, AC. You should enter that in one of those baby contests. ADORABLE.

ChrisB said...

You are spoiled for choice with all that transport! I've seen a lot of those little car pushers in use over here, so I guess they are becoming quite popular!

Remember my post, a few weeks back, when I threw out an old style pram that I bought (second hand) 15 yrs ago when my grandson was born!

Linda said...

You are one lucky grandpa!

Janet said...

We never had anything but the umbrella style strollers. We still use those when we go to the zoo. Now they're on tricycles, but DeBoy doesn't quite have it yet, so bending over to push him is not very much fun.

Anonymous said...

Since I am expecting two grandkids this fall (big smile here) I have been checking out the baby departments in stores and am amazed at all the stuff. I soon expect to have my own stash of such conveniences and appreciate the reviews. :-)

Sadie and Smudge are some what alike when it comes to park visits. Sadie never likes the idea of leaving the fun. Of course the fact that I can just snap on a leash makes it somewhat easier for me. :-)