Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Day With Nikki Dee

Sorry to all of the non-family readers, but this is to be another Nikki Dee post. She was very cute yesterday. Since she had her little rituals which only Gramma seems to comprehend, I don't put the kid to sleep much. However, she came to me blanket in hand while I was sitting on the couch yesterday. So, I took her to the bedroom, rocked her a bit, and put her to sleep. Yay Grampa!

I took this picture when she woke up and played with her little busy box for a few minutes.

At lunch time, I decided that I needed to take this video. The kid goes into a whiny-sounding song when she eats. I mean, it sounds whiny, but it's really just sort of a self-satisfied drone that she produces. She does it all of the time, but I suspect that it will stop without notice one of these fine days, so I decided to try to capture it while I could. She cracks me up — not just me but everyone.

We had some outdoor time after lunch, but she eschewed her new play structure in favour of a nearby patch of hard dirt and gravel. But then Skyler came along and captured her attention. Skyler likes to come over for cookies whenever she can. Having been treated poorly in her early days, the poor little pooch tends to keep her distance from me, but the cookies are helping us to make progress in earning her trust.

Finally, it was time for a little saunter in the park where Grampa's job was to guard her from walking into the river and disappearing downstream.


Donna said...

I love the little song!!LOL...You Truly are blessed!!!hughugs

Amanda said...

It certainly sounds like she is enjoying what she is eating!!!
You have got a good routine going on there. I love routine with the kids!

dabrah said...

Lovely song. How does she do that though, eat and sing at the same time? She's absolutely adorable.

Anonymous said...

I may not be family but that little girl is like a magnet to me! I just love to watch her interact with you and cuppa and to see her grow. She is a little sweetie!
I'm loving the new look too! However, all that sand is making me thirsty! :o)

JunieRose2005 said...


I never get tired of seeing that sweet little girl! :)

And I love her song , too...but wondering how she does it so well while eating!

You were smart to get this on record- because they DO change so quickly! You'll treasure all these times for the rest of your life.


mreddie said...

Great photos of her interacting with her world and with Grampa there for protection - I know that feeling well. And it sounds like she is developing a great voice for the future. ec

womaninawindow said...

Drats, my volume's not working so I can't hear her song.

I remember the days of trying to match my kid's strides while moving along swiftly along riversides. I can see her bobbling there on her legs.

Janet said...

I like to think maybe I'm family. Either way, I love her pictures. And her mealtime serenade is wonderful. VERY smart of you to get that recorded.