Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Photos

Here's a pretty quick post in passing: two photos from yesterday.

Nikki Dee's father got a bubble machine for Father's Day, but the kid seems to like it too.

Not seeming to grasp the poignancy of the occasion she didn't provide Grampa with much special time, we did manage to get a very busy girls to sit with Grampa just long enough for a quick photo — a very quick photo.


KGMom said...

AC--the photo of Smudge (aka Nikki Dee) reaching for bubbles--PRICELESS.
Talk about ephemeral!
Looks like the love for Grampa is lasting!

Amanda said...

Hope you had a great Fathers Day! You deserve it.

Ginnie said...

I can't imagine anything that a little girl would love more than a roomful of bubbles. What fun!

Ruth said...

The bubble picture is great!!

Kila said...

Bubbles, how fun!

I love watching her grow up on your site :)

Anonymous said...

Love the bubbly pic!

Janet said...

We had a bubble machine last fall at the beach. My 2 kids and my niece all loved it. Actually they're happy with any kind of bubbles. The machine is just easier on the parents.
My kids had absolutely no consideration for their Daddy on Father's Day. I was going to get up and cook breakfast (he usually does it on the weekends), but at 6:15 the Queen awoke demanding pancakes - and NOT made by me!

Anonymous said...

To tell the truth.. to this day I am still very much a bubble fan.

Happy belated Father's Day.