Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meeting A Fellow Blogger

In a gesture that was extremely considerate, Turtleguy from Calgary dropped into see us yesterday. He was on the third day of a very long trip from Calgary to Quebec City, and despite being only six more hours from his destination, he made a side trip to see us. While it wasn't too much of a detour in terms of distance, it did cost the boy three precious hours of travelling time, so hats off TG.

He was in time for a quick supper that didn't turn out so well and he was soon off again. But first there was time for a quick photo op.

I've met bloggers before, Paul and Julie, and Methatiam and Chelsea, when we were in Arizona two years ago. All meetings have turned out well. Maybe there will be more encounters with more bloggers in the future. Who knows?

Update to previous post about Fiddling

Why I didn't think to mention it yesterday, I must put down to yet one more of those increasingly frequent brain cramp. One difference between fiddling and violining is often the length to the bow stroke. Most fiddlers use a short bow stroke most of the time. On the other hand, we tend to picture a concert violinist using a a long, smooth stroke. I have seen some fiddlers who may have been classically trained who practise long bowing, but it's not typical. I'll repost a clip of Natalie McMaster below to illustrate. Just look at her bowing technique for 20 seconds or so to see what I mean.


Janet said...

How cool to meet a fellow blogger! That happens a lot. Maybe someday I can join the club too.

Ginnie said...

Yes, AC, it's a lot of fun to meet fellow bloggers. I've met two so far and next Tues. I will be having lunch with another on my way up to see my kids in NY state.
I'll probably be blogging about it too.
All your info about fiddle/vs/violin is very interesting.

Donna said...

I haven't yet been blessed with a visit from a fellow blogger...sounds fun! I'm loving the new look!!!hughugs

Lorna said...

One day I'm going to host the biggest International Bloggers Picnic. People who don't blog think that's pathetic.

Kila said...

What a unique experience to meet an online friend.

I haven't met any fellow bloggers yet, but I've met other moms that have kids the same age as mine. We first met online at "playgroups" about our kids, and met in person a couple years later. Was odd to meet someone for the first time already knowing so much about them! (Yes, we got along fine in real life!)

To answer your question at my place, no, I don't get emails of my posts. I should look into that. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to meet a fellow blogger face to face. I am so fond of many of my blogging buds yet I have yet to meet any of them. I think maybe we should have some sort of convention so that we can all get together.

Turtle Guy said...

An excellent visit, AC - I've been looking forward to meeting you for some time, and the opportunity to visit and break bread was fabulous, thank you!

The meal, by the way, was excellent... I'm scratching my head wondering what "didn't turn out so well"??

I made it to Quebec City before midnight in the heavy rain, spent the day waiting on a mechanic and headed for Toronto by 1:00 AM. Full story to follow on the blog.

We really must do it again - an absolute pleasure, and a great photo, by the way! ;)