Sunday, March 09, 2008

Throwing Up

It is my plan for this to be my last post about winter and snow, but come on, this storm on top of everything else was something else. Despite appreciated family concerns about my wonky back, I felt that I had to go out and at least do something to attend to my own house's needs. So, I shovelled the short walkway from the driveway to the front door. Can you see how high I had to lift the shovel to throw the snow on top of the pile? Maybe I will call this post Throwing Up. (There, I just did it.)

Digging Out

Although the walkway isn't long, the snow, as you can see here was rather deep. Before I totally finished with it, I left some right in front of the door and asked Cuppa to come out and take a picture.

Digging Out

I think the next photo gives an idea about the height of the snow. Even still, with the camera angle and the depth perception problem, the mountain still doesn't look quite as it really is, which is probably about eight feet.

Digging Out

I didn't shovel the driveway though, or not most of it at least. Thankfully, our neighbour did both his side and ours.

Digging Out

But we both left the snow-plough-filled-mound by the edge of the street for Nice Neighbour with the snowblower. She had been out since about six o'clock in the morning helping out one person after another.

Digging Out

She said she even helped the guy up the street, the one with the little plough who never helps anyone. Guess what? He actually began do do his bit for some of his neighbours too. It makes me glad for him.


Ginger said...

Amazing photos, AC. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to have that much snow. I think the most we've ever had here in the years I've lived here (11 of them if you add both times I've lived here), is 2 feet. Where does all that snow go when it melts? I sure hope there are some nice daffodils and crocuses hiding under all that, and that you get to see them in not too many weeks.

I continue to be intrigued by your neighbour with the snow blower, may her days be blessed.

Norma said...

Your snow photos put mine to shame. We had 20+ inches in 24 hours and it must have gone straight to Canada. It's our first significant snowfall this winter and everything closed. We had 25 people in church this morning (also a time change).

JunieRose2005 said...

This kind of snow is hard for me to imagine!!

I hope it's over for you folks soon!

Keep safe! (You and your family!)


mreddie said...

OK, I admit I had only thought I had seen a lot of snow before - Wow!! The all time record around here was back in 1973 when we got an official 19 inches but that was just a freak storm. I would not like dealing with it long term. ec

daffy said...

Oh my word! That would frighten the life out of me! :o)

Janet said...

I'm (almost) speechless. I know you're shocked. I have never experienced that kind of snow either. God willing, I never will. Although given the option, I would much prefer this kind of throwing up.
Sounds like your neighbor got some coals of fire (or drifts) heaped upon his head. Ah, the power of guilt!

megz_mum said...

Very impressive! I have never seen anything remotely like that. The closest would have been seeing some snow in spring in Tasmania. The Tasmanian snow was grey and sad being at the wrong end of winter, yours looks magnificent, although a little scary too, having to burrow out of your home!

Coll said...

That is an amazing accumulation of snow. Way more than we have here in Winterpeg.